After a day away from the second city Saturday and Sunday will be spent in what many call the spiritual home of metal for yet another addition to the Chic Festivals pretty impressive and diverse festival line up. 

From the holiday camp in North Wales home to Hard Rock Hell, Hammerfest and AOR via Blues, Doom and Sleaze in Sheffield, we now have HRH Metal. One venue, two days, three stages, forty odd bands all in Birmingham. 

Much like the more established holiday camp events that have been running for over a decade now, HRH Metal features a mix of signed and unsigned talent with quite a few hidden gems dotted here and there. The pricing system, as with all their events, is a bit odd. I paid £20 for the weekend, so I’m not balking at that even if I could if got a ticket for half of that if I’d bided my time. 

Teutonic thrashers Sodom make a third visit to this blog and make a rare British appearance that isn’t at a London venue. It will be my fifth time seeing the Germans and half of my previous outings have been in London and the other two have been at Hammerfest and Bloodstock Festivals. 

They will be closing the inaugural HRH Metal event late on Sunday night. It’ll be interesting to see how many rivet heads are still there when they depart the stage at 2325 that evening. Why it didn’t run Friday and Saturday rather than finishing Sunday, which in my eyes would make travel easier for all, especially if you are expected in to school or work at some point on Monday . It’s also going to be a pair of long days. The first band on each day takes to their respective stage at 1pm. The Sunday finish is late enough, but Saturday headliners Skindred vacate the stage after midnight. 

By the end of 2017 I should have seen all four of the fabled Teutonic thrashers on home turf. Kreator roll into England for two dates in three weeks time. Destruction hit the stage in Wales during the Hammerfest festivities. Meanwhile Tankard make an even rarer British appearance when they tread the boards in Glasgow in September. I also have another opportunity to see the Gelsenkirchen outfit when they return to London, Glasgow and Dublin in May. Now if only someone will do the decent think and drag Exumer over here. 

Stigmatized is taken from the trio’s 2013 album Epitome of Torture. 


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