I discovered a gig for Wednesday night that would’ve been perfect to go to. American band Touché Amoré are currently on a U.K. tour as I type. I’m not overly familiar with the Los Angeles band, but the support band is another story. 

Not to be confused with the Dortmund speed metal band, the melodic hardcore band Angel Du$t from Baltimore are in tow and I’m yet to see them live. I stumbled on their debut album A.D. a few years ago and got hooked on this hardcore supergroup. The band features members from Trapped Under Ice and Turnstile to list two. 

Within two years their sophomore release, Rock the F**k on Forever, saw the light of day. I’ve had a few plays of it through Spotify and really enjoyed it. Thirteen tracks, 21 minutes of aggressive and yet melodic hardcore in a very 90’s retro Revelation Records kind of vein. 

I pretty much discovered yesterday that they are playing in Birmingham on Wednesday evening. As they’re the support act I can jump on a train and not have to worry about getting home at stupid o’clock Thursday morning. I’d noticed they’ve previously played Manchester and Bristol – which both sold out before the event. 

When I finished work today I thought I’d check the venue’s ticket site and snag a ticket, but alas they’re unavailable, so I’m assuming it’s another sell out (or they’ve now been taken off sale and available on the door. Wishful thinking I fear). 

This is one of the many things that annoys me at times with social media and it’s seemingly random way of passing on information. I have a wide variety of artist in my iTunes library, so for me, following a Facebook page for every active band at this moment in time would be nigh on impossible to follow and keep up with. So on that basis I follow a lot of venues and promoters. I’d have to assume that the Birmingham venue has promoted it sufficiently, but with me not seeing it until the eve of the gig has to be down with social medias weird notification restrictions. Why it can’t be shown to each and every follower rather than a random selection is beyond my comprehension. 

Having said that though, I recently spent two days inside the same venue and saw nothing inside promoting the show, so maybe someone in their online PR team was lazy? 

Maybe tomorrow evening I’ll be seeing Headstone from that tricky second album live tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath. I fear they’re going to be one of those bands that will elude me forever. They’ve not played too often on these shores, and the only other time I could have seen them live was in Leeds when they were on the Ghostfest ’15 line up, but they hit the stage too early in the day and I had to work before I headed north. 


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