Total Death

Prior to the Dutch shindig, and on home turf I’ve got two more Kreator shows to look forward to before I set foot inside an airport. 

On Tuesday evening I’ll make the short drive up to Manchester’s Academy and after my last day at work on Thursday I’ll be at the mercy of Northern Rail and Virgin heading to-and-fro from London.  

I’m not sure what the plan is for Tuesday yet, so we might see one band or we might see all four. As with the previous show I saw on this tour in Tilburg, the doors for both shows are opening around about 1730 to 1800 – just in time for the evening rush hour commute for those who work on some kind of normal working hours. So a trip that I could possibly do in under and hour could potentially take me closer to two. 

I’m on the rail network on Thursday so that takes away all the hassle of road congestion – once I’ve reached the station. But the downside of this is the times the last train leaves to take me home. The venue curfew is 2300 – the save time as my train leaves. I’ll have seen the full Kreator show on Tuesday, so I don’t think leaving The Forum early and missing the encore will be too much of a hardship. They’re songs I’ve seen numerous times anyway and I’m more excited to experience the Gods of Violence material. 

Looking at the Netherlands DeathFest II line up for the Saturday and Kreator’s tour routing a bonus trip to Essen could be a real possibility. The extra curricular 74 mile jaunt with be addressed at several points over the next five days. 

For me seeing Kreator play in their home town would be like seeing Iron Maiden in East London, Black Sabbath in Birmingham, Sick of it All in New York City, Metallica perform in San Francisco or what a Discharge gig in Stoke should feel like. From the German bands humble beginnings in the city, and playing Zeche Carl then more than three decades later playing the impressive looking Grugahalle with a capacity in excess of 7,000. If I get to Essen it will be the biggest non festival Kreator show I will have experienced. 

Besides the new material, one of the highlights of the set is the appearance of Total Death. The track is from their very raw sounding debut album Endless Pain, which is several light years away from the polished and professional sounding Gods of Violence. That first album was recorded in ten days back in 1985, they’ve probably spent that much time recording a handful of songs in more recent years, never mind a ten track album. Before its resurrection on this tour the last archived performance of the track being played live was in the aforementioned Zeche Carl venue during the Pleasure to Kill tour on June 21st 1986 (now that is a nine song set list I’d love to have experienced!). So if you’ve seen Kreator a lot in the last thirty plus years it’s very doubtful you’ve seen this played on stage prior to 2017. 


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