Refuse / Resist

This week marks my twelfth and thirteenth time seeing Brazilian / American thrashers Sepultura. Even though the sixty minute set list I’ll be seeing twice in three days leans heavily towards this years Machine Messiah release I keep going back to the classic era of the band, that’s why the video for Refuse / Resist is below. This is the opening track from Chaos A.D., the album that will be a quarter of a century old next year. 

I should have already reached the dozen mark with my last trip to Holland, but I had to miss their show at Liverpool’s Royal Court with Paradise Lost on December 4th 1993 because I fractured my leg in a drunken stupor after a local gig by The Almighty. 

I was celebrating my birthday with friends at the rearranged show at the Victoria Hall. I drove to my friends house and we all caught the bus up to town. We were swigging from a half bottle of rum on the way there, so it was never going to end well.  The Almighty, The Wildhearts and Kerbdog all played well, then it was off for last orders in the Borough Exchange. That was the one and only time I ventured into that place and I think it’s now a gay club called Gossip!

A taxi back to my friends, but we all thought it’d be “fun” to kick an inanimate object in the shape of a metal garage door. It was just some drunken high jinx. I ended up on the floor and thought noting more of it. 

Roll on a few hours when I woke up abd the alcohol was wearing off, the pain in my ankle was agonising and it was the size of a football (maybe a slight exaggeration). After hobbling the gauntlet to the bathroom then to the front door all overseen by a hungry looking Rottweiler, I don’t know how, but I managed to drive home. 

It was my birthday on the Sunday, but that morning heralded a trip up to A&E in my uncles car for X-rays and eventually a plaster cast up to my knee. It wasn’t my first cast, but touch wood it has been my last. Back home at my parents modest terraced house my grandmother was living with us at the time.  Less than an hour of getting home she’d stumbled past my overhanging leg and knocked it hard. I may have swore!! On the upside though I missed three or four weeks of work and college. 


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