Free Speech For The Dumb

Well I’m currently sitting on a plane above the clouds, probably somewhere over the eastern part of England heading to Eindhoven. Not as many metal heads on the flight as anticipated but lots of oddly dressed guys that look like they’re heading on a stag weekend. They must know something that we don’t – Eindhoven was one of the dullest cities I’ve visited for a long time, then again besides Monday morning we didn’t trek about the place much. 

Leaving a dank and grey Manchester (and my little man Ozymandias) behind me, hopefully 400 miles further east the climate will be a bit more welcoming. 

We were delayed slightly leaving so it’s going to be a race against time to get the bus from the airport to the hotel in Eindhoven then onto the train to Tilburg for the show. In an ideal world I’d like to have been there in plenty of time to catch some death metal blast beats dished out by Exhumed. Failing that an hour later sees local lads Discharge ambling onto the main stage.  

Last weekend they played a packed out Stoke show at the Underground. I saw them a few years ago in the same venue and it was pretty sparse to put it politely. Since they inked their deal with Nuclear Blast and seemingly gained some more appreciative fans from their appearances in much of the mainstream music media, it does appear to have reignited their career, along with the introduction of JJ on vocals. End Of Days is easily on of my favourite releases from last year. 

I’m quite surprised the inclusion of two of their tracks on Metallica’s Garage Inc. compilation album some years back – well pushing twenty years now I come to think about it! – didn’t achieve the same goal for them to some degree. Allegedly on a personal level though it did extremely well for them. Guitarist and founding member Bones apparently managed to quit his day job and pay off his mortgage due to it. Every cloud has it’s silver lining. 

I never saw them during their original run with Cal on vocals, and it wasn’t until their reformation with Rat that I broke my duck. Since then I’ve seen them numerous times and in front of varying sized crowds. From a tiny, but partisan, crowd in Crewe via the cavernous Ritz in Manchester and London’s Forum, to decimating the Warzone stage in France as part of Hellfest last year. This evening is going to be somewhere in the middle and I really do hope the Dutch crowd gives these Stoke lads and punk innovators the appreciation that they’ve worked hard for going on nearly four decades now. 

Free Speech For The Dumb was released back in 1982 on the classic Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing by Clay Records. Twenty eight minutes of glorious noise. 

Well I ended up finishing this and posting it the day after their set. Not the biggest crowd in attendance on the day, but very enthusiastically into what was been served up to them from the stage. Mission accomplished. 


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