Rip And Tear

I first posted about L.A. Guns back in May of last year when I should have gone to see the Phil Lewis version of the Los Angeles band in Wales. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the midweek jaunt, but I didn’t have to wait too long for a second bite of the cherry as they are currently ripping up stages in the UK as I type. 

Looking back on the first post there was a lot about the murky going on’s between the classic members. It couldn’t really get any weirder. But it does. 

If I remember correctly, a Tracii Guns version of the band was announced for an appearance at this years Hard Rock Hell AOR event. At some point towards the end of last year Phil Lewis announced he’s quitting L.A. Guns on January 1st to concentrate on himself,  only to join… L.A. Guns! 

It now seems to be billed as L.A. Guns featuring Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns – or something along those lines. I’m not sure where that leaves ex W.A.S.P. drummer Steve Riley now as he seems to be in the other version of the band that appears to have no members! It’s a shame that they couldn’t have buried the hatchet enough to have a classic triumvirate of Guns, Lewis and Riley up on those stages, rather than Shane Fitzgibbon on the drum stool.  

There are three shows within an hours drive or train ride from my abode, so I’m hoping to catch at least one show. I’m not sure which one as it depends on what days I’m needed in (or willing to) work. I was planning on Chester on Sunday as I’m supposed to be off work next week. But if I’m working Monday I don’t fancy hitting the hay at midnight for a 3:40am alarm call. If I’m in work on Monday then I’ll probably end up in Wolverhampton on Saturday and bail on my already arranged local show. Which ever one I get along to I’m hoping they have the shirt I’ve desired for so long up for sale. 

Rip and Tear is taken from the group’s sophomore release Cocked & Loaded released in 1989, just nineteen months after the self titled debut hit the stores. Fifty five minutes of pure Hollywood sleaze at its finest. 


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