Soul Collector

Welcome to the morning after the night before! Im feeling a bit delicate this morning, but I’m thinking sitting on a packed train with two sub sixteen year old nephews on our way to a film and comic convention is the cure required this morning. I have a funny feeling I won’t make the L.A. Guns show either tonight. I should know better at my age. 

Assuming I don’t make it to Chester this evening my next scheduled show is a trip to North Wales and another reinvention of the Hammerfest brand of festivals from HRH. 

Last year the combined Hammerfest with the AOR brand which I quite enjoyed, and I was able to take my significant other as there were bands there where she could take refuge from the noisy thrash and death metal stuff. This year AOR was two weekends ago as a stand alone event just like Hammerfest is again this year. 

I “won” a bunch of tickets almost twelve months ago and some of the early announcements were a huge draw to sorting out entry so far in advance. Unfortunately for varying reasons never announced by the promoters, many I wanted to see have pulled out. It’s still a value for money weekend – only a £10 booking fee to pay per ticket – but the weekend is so stacked towards the on site dwellers pre party on Thursday (Armored Saint and Venom, Inc) and Friday’s shenanigans. Saturday is looking rather threadbare for my refined tastes, so I think I’ll be spending much of Saturday in some sleepy Welsh village with the wife and Ozymandias, fingers crossed the weather is half decent. And for how I feel today, I’ll be steering well away from alcohol. 

I’m nearly at the convention so here’s Friday headliners who I’ve posted about several times so enjoy some Teutonic thrash from Destruction. Soul Collector from 2005’s Inventor of Evil. 


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