Countess Bathory

Moving north of the border on Saturday it’ll be time to indulge in the remnants of what you could call extreme metal pioneers Venom. Even though listening to what was considered extreme in the 1980’s is very tame in comparison to some of the bands that have followed in their footsteps. 

I thought I’d seen Venom, Inc previously, but apparently I haven’t had the pleasure yet. I saw M:Pire of Evil though (pretty much a forerunner of Venom, Inc) in January of 2015 supporting Obituary in London Town. 

Very much like LA Guns, Saxon and until recently Queensryche, this is yet another band with warring ex members of the original band ploughing their own furrow on the musical landscape. 

As stated in a previous post I’m not the biggest Venom fan in the world, but when I was a youngster at school they seemed to be the controversial band to like at the time. 

I’ll be intrigued to see two of the classic trio of Mantas and Abaddon being fronted by Cronos’ replacement The Demolition Man putting their mark on an hours worth of classic NWOBHM tracks with the memory of those who now go under the Venom moniker pretty fresh in my mind. 

The Cronos version of the band performed at last years Bloodstock Festival sandwiched in between Corrosion of Conformity and the mighty Behemoth. The trio on stage certainly made a proper racket, exactly what you’d expect from Venom, although it was an uncompromising and pretty sloppy din at times it’s what you would have expected back in the early 80’s. From what I saw from M:Pire of Evil two years ago I’m expecting a much more refined and polished version of the Geordie outfit. Only four days to wait and put my curiosity to rest. It will also be only the sixth show by the band on what you could consider home turf. 

Countess Bathory was originally released on the band’s second album and genre naming release, Black Metal, bursting out of hell in 1982 and again via Neat Records. 


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