Glorification Of The Black God

In the current climate this could be perceived as a controversial post. 

It will be my second time overall, and both within the last year, seeing the Norrköping  natives Marduk on stage when they perform a special twentieth anniversary set for their 1996 album Heaven Shall Burn… When We Are Gathered (to give the record its full title) at Lords of the Land on Saturday.  I’m assuming they’ve been doing a twenty year set on their current tour considering it’s officially 21, unless the promoter wanted something more unique considering they played in the city last May. 

They’ve recently completed a two week stint in the United States followed by some Antipodean shows. All appear to have passed without major controversy apart from their date in Oakland, California back in February. 

The Metro Opera House should have been hosting the show, but the faceless keyboard warriors that this era is rife with and Antifa (Anti Fascist Action) activists made threats against the venue proclaiming Marduk to be NSBM band (National Socialist Black Metal). Sure, they have an interest in World War II. There’s even a family connection within the band with the SS, but it doesn’t make them a facist band. 

I remember Slayer getting some similarly  unwanted attention in the past, but that all blew over and people found other things to whine about. Motörhead’s late frontman Lemmy was a renowned artefacts collector, but I can never recall boycotts, death threats or cancellations with them. Likewise with Bolt Thrower, Sabaton and Hail of Bullets who also have an affinity with a very intriguing period in history. 

The venue even ploughed through interviews spanning two decades and found no references, indications or statements referring to white supremacy, immigrants or nationalism. In the end the show was scrapped on police advise and more for the safety of the staff. 

Earlier in the week Stoke punk icons Discharge were announced to play along side Marduk at the Blackest of the Black festival in California in a couple of months time. The festival is curated by and features Danzing, with a whole host of bands performing live including Suicidal Tendencies, Ministry, Suicide Silence and Venom, Inc. 

Reading the mainly congratulatory posts you get smacked in the face with this

Sharing a stage with a NSBM band Marduk? How very punk

You know what they say about mud sticking. The author was called out on it and asked to show some evidence to the fact. Surprisingly though, three days later there has been no response. 

It seems to be something happening a lot lately when bands or individuals don’t appear to adhere to what some attention seeking keyboard warriors deem acceptable in their simple little mind. I’ve seen bands kicked off bills or removing themselves all on some unfounded, hear say accusations that just snowball out of control all over the World Wide Web. 

Anyway, rant over. If you’re not going to feel tainted listening to Marduk here’s Glorification of the Black God taken from the album celebrating its anniversary. If you’re wondering the music is an adaptation of Night on Bald Mountain by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky, and the lyrics are inspired by Bald Mountains theme. 


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