As if I need an excuse to post a video by Kreator! 

Last nights Havok show in Birmingham was absolutely superb – but more about that later, hopefully. 

Before the introduction of mobile phones more powerful than the computers used for the moon landing, 3G, 4G, wifi, Facebook, Twitter and the like, I used to pass my time reading the humble printed fanzine. Much like I do now, I like my own company too much, so in between bands I’d keep myself to myself and get engrossed in the humble fanzine. 

I’ve spent so much time over the years typing, cutting and gluing pieces of paper to other pieces of paper. It was a very time consuming process, but I enjoyed it and it gave this non musician a toe hold in the inner sanctum of a fledgling UK hardcore scene. 

Anyway I digress. Kreator. Last night between bands I was “keeping in the loop” with Facebook and I came across this awesome tour announcement….

Anyone want to buy me a ticket to Brazil? 

The four bands have performed as this package at a handful of European festivals a few years ago. I looked into the possibility of attending it in Spain one summer, but it wasn’t feasibly possible.  

For me that line up is to die for. If I get to that point where I end up “retiring” disgracefully from the gig circuit I really do hope I get to experience this show and I’d really like to see Metallica in their San Francisco back yard.  

It’s apparently a thing that all four bands want to do more often. There seemed to be speculation that it as Kreator that was the problem and it all revolved on their agreement. I was reading an interview with Destruction frontman Schmier that the stumbling block is more to do with Sodom and Tankard. Both of those bands now have to hold down regular day jobs unlike Destruction and Kreator who you could say are full time musicians. Tankard and Sodom tour, but it’s in fits and starts as they have to schedule shows around weekends and holidays. Hopefully more shows follow in the very near future and no doubt I’ll be making the trek in homage. 

If I played the lottery and won an obscene amount of money I’d love to put on some kind of festival in Stoke on Trent. I’d be like one of those oil rich sheiks and money would be no option. 

One night would be the Teutonic big four and maybe throw in some other Euro thrash bands. The second night would finally see Metallica play the Victoria Hall with either the classic Master of Puppets set or the Damaged Justice collapsing Doris on the stage and a much more relaxed and stripped back show. The venue should have been the scene of their first British show (not that I’d heard the band back then), but the tour got cancelled due to poor ticket sales I believe and only the London show went ahead. 

The weekend would all be for charity with donations from an invited audience of friends and acquaintances who like the bands, and in the case of Metallica’s forthcoming tour, and those who can’t afford the near on £100 for a ticket. I don’t even waste my money on the lottery so this will never become a reality, but I can have my pipe dream can’t I? 

Betrayer was released in 1989 on the Extreme Aggression album. I’d heard the three previous albums via tape trading and friends, but this album I think was the first release that I purchased with my own money and still remains a firm favourite with me. 


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