The Sadist Nation

Gig wise this weekend has all gone to pot. I couldn’t get a power nap on Friday and I was in bed before 8pm, pretty much the same time that I should’ve been in Manchester viewing Black Spiders or locally at the Freebird watching Iron Maiden tribute band Iron Ed. 

Yesterday went pretty much along the same lines. A late finish at work then unable to get some sleep before I departed for Leeds. Another stumbling block was the fee for a hardcore show where I was only going to be see four or five bands. It was £35 in advance so I reckon closer to £40 on the door. 

The weekend in Norwich for Thrashersarus, in hindsight, was the better option – £15 for the weekend. I spent a while weighing up taking to the road, or rails, for today’s instalment. Yet again costs have made the decision for me. Train was going to cost me the best part of a hundred quid but on top of either option a hotel close to the venue was in excess of £100. Something cheaper by half was the other side of the city and the taxis I’ve had over the last two years there haven’t been cheap. 

So onto this evening. The only gig I’ve actually paid out money for is the Darkest Hour doss in Birmingham this evening. 

This Washington DC melodic death metal band have been going for over twenty years and released nine albums to date. I first heard the band when they were on a Victory Records sampler CD in 2003 with Freya. I only got that disc was due to Freya having Earth Crisis members within their ranks. The only two albums I’ve heard have been Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation – also from 2003 – and this years offering (and the award for strangest album title of 2017 goes to…) Godless Prophet and the Migrant Flora. 

They’ve played an absolute slew of British shows with the likes of Machine Head and Bleeding Through going right back to 2004, but this will be my first time seeing them. Five of those nine albums were released via Victory Records but it was at a time where the label seemed to be experimenting a bit too much in my eyes and distancing themselves from the hardcore sound that ultimately put them on the map.  

The biggest draw for tonight has to be one of Britain’s brightest lights in the death metal scene Venom Prison from South Wales. I think I’ll be on the train later with the last one home just before 11pm, but hopefully I’ll get a decent slice of Darkest Hour before I have to bid auf wiedersehen. 

The video for The Sadist Nation was originally on their 2003 album and at a time when they were a melting pot of all their influences. Pick it apart and you’ll hear some death metal, thrash and hardcore thrown together. 


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