This week should have been the calm after the storm, but rather than recuperating from a bank holiday of excess it turned out to be only a single solitary show. This week I’ve only got a four day week at work then a week of heavy metal debauchery begins. Touch wood, I should be off work for nine consecutive days with a pair of Iron Maiden shows, a double blast of the Napalm Death tour and possibly an evening with Chariot, Sodom or Memoriam slotted in. 

After a run of the testosterone fuelled hardcore tunes on the blog from last week, here’s a change in pace and style and possibly a bit controversial but it’s a band that I really like. Controversial in the way that Nickelback seem to be. They are another one of those State side radio friendly bands that have sold a shed load of albums but surprisingly no one seems to like them. 

Going back to our Hard Rock Cafe days Shinedown were one of those bands on heavy rotation on the cafes multiple screens. To my knowledge they hadn’t really dented the mainstream music magazines at home. The two videos that grabbed my attention at the time were both from The Sound of Madness release – Devour and the ballad Second Chance. 

And to use the word controversial yet again, I’m posting up a track by the band as I have the possibility to see the band four times over the next twenty or so days. They’re opening up for Iron Maiden on the current leg of the heavy metal behemoths European jaunt.  

In the States this Floridian band could command a headline performance of their own in arenas of a similar size, but on this side of the Atlantic they seem to be much more of a mid card jobber, which is unfortunate. 

I’ve seen them four times prior to possibly seeing them take to the stage before Maiden, it all depends on how the ale is flowing beforehand, but I am determined to see them at least once on this run of shows. None of the previous quartet of gigs have been headlining shows, which I know I need to rectify at some point. Three have been at festivals (Download and Hellfest) and the other was sandwiched between Alter Bridge and Halestorm at the Arena in Manchester. 

My biggest gripe with a Shinedown live performance though is frontman Brent Smith’s ramblings in between songs, he’s usually preaching love and happiness, but it just feels to me the set doesn’t really flow as it’s so stop start and fractured. 

The politically charged track Devour is one of six singles lifted from 2008’s The Sound of Madness album, the band’s most successful release to date. The album is certified silver by the BPI (the British recorded music trade body) with over 60,000 sales, even though the record only peaked at 143 in the album chart on its release. In the States it’s double platinum with more than two million albums sold. 


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