Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe)

I feels like I’ve been raving on about Power Trip for ages. I regret not seeing them on these shores almost twelve months ago but I’m glad I caught them at Hellfest last year. For me they were the stand out band of the whole weekend and I saw more than forty acts over those three days in France. 

On Tuesday I got to see them again with friend, and after the culmination of their thirty five minute barrage in Birmingham those with me seemed suitably enamoured with the Dallas natives. It’s always nice to be an old dog learning new tricks. In the not too distant future all of these classic bands from way back when will no longer be performing. I don’t think I could completely give us live music so I’d have to find my fix somewhere. 

They’ve been a band since 2008 and have a few EP’s and a pair of albums under their proverbial bullet belts. I picked up on them when I randomly downloaded the Armageddon Blues 7″ online shortly before their debut album was unleashed. I’m aware of the pros and cons of illegal downloading and the like, but before Spotify was in use in this household, it was an easy way to check before you buy. 

I’ve seen quite a lot and listened to even more of the current crop of nostalgic thrash metal throw back bands, but these five guys that make up Power Trip are up there as one of the best, if not THE best of all the new breed. 

They mix in some chunky hardcore and crossover influences, a’la Cro-Mags and S.O.D., into their sound and seem to have been taken under the wing of the hardcore crowd. Ultimately though they are a throw back to the 80’s thrash metal sound. A band like Exodus, and the above mentioned bands, would be proud to have something as brutal and ferocious like the newest album Nightmare Logic in their back catalogue.  

Tonight I’m off to see the band for a second time in three days. As I get pretty sick and tired of having to drive everywhere, even if it’s to the station and back, today I decided to catch the train from the bottom of my street. I have to sacrifice seeing Napalm Death for the umpteenth time, and after Tuesday I’m not too bothered about missing Brujeria either, so I can easily get the last train home rather than a later one and have another twenty minute drive home on top. 

The sold out Rebellion Club in Manchester is much more intimate than the Institute and there’s no barrier front and centre of the stage, so tonight’s set could be something rather memorable.  Even though I’m a stand towards the back kind of guy, Lancashire crowds usually seem more intense than those from the West Midlands. 

Hopefully my fourth experience of the Texans won’t be all that long a wait either. I saw an updated poster for the Suffocation show in Bristol over the August bank holiday weekend and they nievseem to have been added to the show. It was a show I was intending to go to anyway, but now it’s even more enticing. 

Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe) is from this years Nightmare Logic album. 


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