Well that’s pretty much my week off finished, and for the first time in a long time an actual run of eight days away without dipping into work for a day or three. Six gigs attended over four cities in two countries and twelve band viewed. I’ll be glad to get back to work for a rest!! 

I have a ticket for a show in Manchester tomorrow, but I also have other things to attend to after work that may stop me heading out. Tuesday is Ozzie’s first birthday and we’re off out to spoil him (for a change!). Realistically then my next gigs will be another pair of Iron Maiden shows when I see them back to back in Liverpool and Birmingham next weekend. 

Just incase I can take advantage of my £8 ticket for Monday, then you could find me in what I’m predicting will be a packed, hot and sweaty Star and Garter experiencing some hardcore beatdowns. 

Fire & Ice from Richmond, Virginia close their European tour with a pair of English shows. Tonight sees them gracing the stage in the Garage down in London Town before bringing the Euro jaunt to a climax in Manchester. 

I hadn’t heard anything from the band until I saw this show announced. In my mind, if I didn’t like what I heard via Spotify it’s worth snagging a ticket just to see Broken Teeth again. I’ve seen the Mancunian band four times in the last year and a half, and probably missed them many more times over the same time span. 

As a fan of Cro-Mags, Leeway and that more thrash metal orientated and groove laden hardcore I instantly liked what I was hearing. It’s a pretty mid paced affair, but there are none of the breakdowns that the king-fu Ken’s seem to use as an excuse for some random pit violence. 

Crowd killing, as it seems to be called, is the main thing that has put me off attending as many hardcore shows as I used to. Maybe I’m a wuss, but at 43 years of age I don’t need to be watching for feet, fists and bodies flying randomly into the crowd from all angles from cowardly kids who slip into the shadows if they push the wrong buttons on the wrong person.  

Breathe was originally featured on the Grim 7″ released in 2010. Digitally you can find it on the Collections release, which brings together their two 7″ singles and compilation tracks. 


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