Toxik Attack

I’m currently sitting in a pub with the “boy” with one other guy in here who’s completey enthralled in the FBI enquiry playing out on the TV. Once again I’ve neglected the blog for what feels like way too long and yet again I have no real excuse. I haven’t been to many gigs at all since the last posting so I’ve had the time. Let’s see how long this run of last for. 

The last post was during the May bank holiday weekend for a local gig that I ended up not attending. Greek thrashers Domination and Bloodrocuted from Belgium were two more shows I missed. Both were on the same evening so one had to be sacrificed. My trip to Birmingham for the Greeks was scuppered by crossed wires and a horrendously busy day at work. 

The last show I went to was a six band power violence shindig above a vegan cafe on the outskirts of Manchester City centre. What more would you want in a tiny hot and sweaty room with no stage for 84p a band? My first time seeing and actually experience Boak from Aberdeen, ably supported by Nothing Clean and for the second time in eight days Horsebastard and further trio of noisy upstarts. 

Discharge playing an almost local show was on the cards for tomorrow. They’re playing Stafford, a thirty minute drive along the A34 isn’t an issue, the main band hitting the stage at 1210am, technically on Saturday morning, is though, especially as I’m at work at 5am. 

I could venture up to Liverpool for the third time in four weekends for the American death metal blasts of Exhumed, but with the trains home ceasing just before 10pm and having the audacity to be a rail replacement bus it’s another one I’d have to drive myself to. 

Ironically the next gig I am going to is headlined by Exhumed, but I’ll probably be on the way home by the time they hit the stage in London. I’m making the 340 mile round trip just to catch German thrashers Dust Bolt. 

Sunday will be the third time I’ve seen them. The first time was also in London, just up the road at the Electric Ballroom when they opened up for Obituary. The last time was over in France when I just about made it through the melee of the Hellfest entrance. Thanks to the sloth like queues they’d already hit the stage, but I saw most of their set. 

On both occasions I’ve dragged friends in early to catch the band, friends who up until that point hadn’t heard of the band. I’m pleased to say on both occasions all attendees were suitably impressed, and a couple of them can be notoriously hard to impress with new bands. 

The group are on British soil for a quaret of shows, two with Exodus in the south east of the country, a show up in Scotland then back to London for the Exhumed support slot. There’s a day off between the last two shows and I was hoping for a more middle of the country event on Saturday. Alas it never materialised and I have to make the trek to London. It’s been over two months since my last foray to the capital, so I’m not as tainted by the thought of another trip down south. By the end of the month though could garner a different response. 

Last time they were included in this blog it was with a track from their brand new third album Mass Confusion. This time we go all the way back to 2012 and their debut album Violent Demolition. 

Roll on Sunday when the DxBxTxCx demolish the nations capital. 


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