Bonded By Blood

I think it’s my sixteenth Exodus show on Saturday and looks likely to be the last, and only time, I get to see them in 2017. They played a brace of shows in the south of the country just prior to their appearances on the fourth stage at the Download Festival. I know they headlined and probably tore the stage apart, but the fourth stage! 

Their back to back performances on the Thrashfest tours back in 2010 and 2011 are up there as some of my favourite shows. Both were in Germany, Berlin and Munich to be precise. Great venues and superb crowds added to the excitement. 

Exodus have been pretty regular visitors to European venues since they were dragged over here for a tour supporting Venom in 1985. Their first appearance at the Dynamo Festival followed in 1988 when they shared the stage again with Toxik. 

I didn’t get to see the band until they were touring for the Tempo of the Damned release in 2004 which was their first release after Force of Habit twelve years previous. Unfortunately it meant I never got to see Paul Baloff fronting the band who is featured on this track as he passed away in 2002 from a stroke. He only recorded the Bonded by Blood album with the band, but he returned to the fray several times before he died and should’ve featured in Tempo. 

This is the title track from the debut album and the live recording is from the Double Live Dynamo! DVD released in 2007 that features two sets, one recorded at the festival in 1997 and another from the club in 1985. 


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