A Touch Of Blessing

It’s that time of year again where I’d best get looking at some of the bands that I’ll be seeing at Catton Hall next weekend, but before that here’s something from 2004 in a retrospective look at the festival from day one that I started this time last year. 

The first weekend in September 2004 saw another denim and leather clad gathering of the metal masses at the Assembly Rooms. 

Only four years in there were already repeat bands on the line up, but this year was my first time seeing Children of Bodom. It wasn’t a classic year for my liking as it’s when the event was much more orientated towards the power metal section of the metal fraternity. I’m pretty certain I was siting in the KFC in Derby before Bodom had finished their set waiting to take my passenger home. 

Looking at the poster again after all these years I don’t think any of the bands who played in the Darwin Suite (second stage) really broke through into the mainstream. 

2004 was, I believe, the first time Swedes Evergrey had set foot on British soil. Since then they haven’t been regular visitors here and have played less than twenty shows in the country, and I’m pretty sure most of those shows have been playing second fiddle to a headline act. 

They were formed by mainstay Tom S Englund in Gothenburg in 1995. In their twenty two year career they’ve released ten albums, but I think I only own two if their albums, In Seatch of Truth and Recreation Day, that I more than likely purchased in the run up to Bloodstock. I probably haven’t listened to them much at all since 2004 either. Odd songs may have popped up in shuffle mode over the years but I certainly haven’t played a full album. Listening to snippets of their songs on YouTube today though I think they might be worthy of a chunk of my time to reinvestigate the band. They haven’t been as much power metal, swords and dragons as I (wrongly) remember them. 

This was the first of my two times seeing the band live with the second arriving within ten months when they played at the inaugural outdoor event in 2005 whilst still promoting The Inner Circle album where A Touch of Blessing is taken from. 


Heavy Metal Month Listening Challenge 4/31

Day 4 – A 3 piece band. 

Coroner – Die By My Hand

Venom. Motörhead. Sodom. Destruction. Green Day. Rush. ZZ Top. Raven. Budgie. The early Kreator and Voi-Vod line ups. There have been quite a few decent trios in the metal sphere. 

I’m pretty sure I’ll know someone who’ll post a track by Rush as their three piece, so here’s a Swiss band who have been called the Rush of thrash metal!