What better way is there to warm up for two days in a saturated field watching some heavy bands than heading out of the Shire to watch even more heavy bands play?

Bay Area thrashers Death Angel are wrapping up their twenty eight date European trek and are finally bring their Evil Divide tour to British crowds as they play four shows here in the lead up to Bloodstock. There was much speculation (and multiple fingers crossed and luck rabbits feet rubbed) hoping that they would tread the boards at Catton Hall, but alas no. They played there in 2013 at some god forsaken time that wasn’t becoming a band of their stature, so it is time they returned. 

I’ve still got my fingers crossed that they will cross the channel again before the end of the year when they support Testament and Annihilator on the mainland. It’s all political with festivals and tours who share bands. As all of those three are in the UK and two at Bloodstock I’d like an announcement of added dates first thing Monday. It’ll make the pain of missing Testament on Friday after their Dynamo Metal Fest debacle that bit easierto take. Otherwise it’s “Munich here I come!”

I’m already off to Wolverhampton on Tuesday to get my thrash metal fix and I’ve had that ticket in the house for what feels like forever. As I didn’t buy into the whole social media campaign of Bloodstock will “sell out” before the gates open I was too slow buying my tickets – and it “sold out” (of weekend passes anyway.) I currently have a Saturday ticket with my aim of buying a Sunday entry on the day. As I’m off work on Friday anyway I think I might treat myself to a jaunt down to London to see them and Warbringer destroy venues twice in three days. Be a shame to waste a days holiday from work. 

Since The Art of Dying album, their reformation release in 2004, each of the four albums since have got better every time. The Evil Divide was up there in the top ten of last year easily. I’ve only seen them six times up until this week, the first time was in Wolverhampton back in 2008, one of their first English shows outside of London since 1990. 

Lost is the albums most melodic track and slows down the relentless intensity of the rest of the album for five minutes. The most heavy metal track that Mark Osegueda and the band have recorded? 


Heavy Metal Month Listening Challenge 6/31

Day 6 – Female Vocal. 

Rather predictably I’ve gone with Warlock and the “metal queen” that is Doro Pesch. 

They were probably my introduction into a female fronted metal band when I first listened to them in 1987 (ish) when I got a copy of their Fight for Rock 12″ and never looked back.