Remain Violent

You know what they say about buses? You wait for ages for a bus to come along then two come together. 

I waited almost eight years to see California’s Warbringer for a second time and in a little over four months I get to see them again, possibly twice in three days! 

When they supported Havok – who I’ll also have seen again by this time next week – back in April they and Exmortus were absolutely jaw dropingly stunning. I had to cut the Havok set short due to them not working around my train timetable. They said we’ll see you real soon and they weren’t lying. 

I thought I’d posted about Warbringer earlier in the year, but from the four band package they were a part of I only posted about Exmortus, so thankfully no repeat ramblings today. 

I first saw them opening up for Testament with Onslaught (a name Warbringer used when they got together five years earlier) down in Wolverhampton in 2009, the same city I’ll be seeing them in tomorrow. 

They’ve played an absolute slew of British shows since their first time back in 2009 and I have no idea how I’ve only managed to see them once before this year. I’m pretty surprised they’ve never been at Bloodstock either, unless I’ve missed something? And more surprising they weren’t on this year as a few bands who’ve toured together have been booked to perform this year (Kreator and Soilwork, Amon Amarth and Testament.)

The track Remain Violent is from their most recent fifth album Woe to the Vanquished that was released earlier in the year and is an explosive blast of retro thrash metal. With a scruffy hi-top firmly planted in a bygone thrash era, this album could have sat comfortably in the record stores two decades ago. They’ve not reinvented the wheel, but paid homage to the genre and are one of the leading lights in the new wave of thrash metal. 

I think Death Angel will have their work cut out for them having to follow John Kevill and his cohorts but it will be a fantastic evening for all of those who aren’t heading to a field in Burton on Trent just yet. 


Heavy Metal Month Listening Challenge 7/31

Day 7 – Favourite Slayer song. 

Seasons in the Abyss.  Loved the song since I first heard it and the same with the video when I saw it, having an interest in all things Egyptian helped with that.