Intention To Deceive

Today is the first day of this years Bloodstock festival, but I’ve got another two days before I make it to Catton Hall. I’ve never camped there in all the years it’s been outdoors (I probably haven’t camped anywhere since 1987 and ironically that wasn’t too far away from where I spend a weekend every summer) so I’ve never experienced the first night, which is just a handful of bands appearing inside the second stage tent for the assembled campers who aren’t too drunk to gather there. I’m missing Friday due to me not getting a weekend ticket in time, so my grand entrance will he just before Colorado thrashers Havok hit the Ronnie James Dio stage at lunch time on Saturday. 

It’ll be the second time this year that I’ve seen Havok, but as mentioned before, I didn’t see the full headlining set. Hopefully our taxi arrives in time for us to get into the site and through any extra safety precautions and expected extra bag checks in light of recent events around Europe, not that this festival will be on any mad bombers radar. It seems to pass non metal mainstream media over inconspicuously every year. British media seems to think our summer festival season starts with Glastonbury and ends with Reading and Leeds. For something that started sixteen years ago to a few thousand metal heads and has grown to more than fifteen thousand who needs mainstream media?  

I’m hoping the inclement weather we’ve been experiencing lately moves away from the West Midlands, and come 1pm on Saturday I’m standing in a field watching my first band of the shortened weekend with a plastic cup containing Hobgoblin Goddess in hand and some weather masquerading as what most people refer to as summer. 

Intention to Deceive is featured on the latest disc Conformicide released earlier in the year, their first new full length release in four years. 


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