It’s been a while (well eight days) since I was last inside a concert venue and this weekend I was feeling a bit stir crazy. I was debating atenfing the on, off and back on again Today Is The Day show in Manchester this evening, but I’m thinking it’ll be a show without my attendance tonight. 

The only time I’ve seen Steve Austin and his noisemongers for an evening of pummelling filthy noise was back in 1999 when they played in Dudley with Neurosis and Voi-Vod. Definitely no ballads played that night. 

Today’s show is one of four British shows on this tour to celebrate two decades of the Temple of the Morning Star album. I should have been off work this week but I’m working until Thursday now, so a late train home isn’t conducive to my situation now. When the gig was rearranged to Rebellion from the Ruby Lounge only main support act Fashion Week were advertised. Within the last few days though two more bands have been added to the bill, so what might have been a reasonable finish time will now be stretched to the 11pm curfew. I’d make my last train easily, but I wouldn’t be stepping on to the return platform at Crewe until after midnight with a 5am start later on Tuesday. Never say never and all that, but it looks highly unlikely. 

Blindspot, a satirical look at cable TV news and very prominent all these years later, is taken from the album having its anniversary this year. I’d read that the band were playing the album in full to celebrate, but looking at the few set listings posted  online from their North American trek the set is heavily in favour of the release, but by no means played in full.