Atomic Tectonics

Hopefully on Thursday evening I aim to be on a train and heading up to The Peer Hat in Manchester to catch a few representatives of the UK metal scene.

My main draw is to see Reprisal for what may or may not be the second time. The Home Counties quartet are on a dozen date jaunt of the UK and Ireland with south coast death metal band Bloodshot Dawn – who have a new album out that I need to check out.

Their debut E.P. Ichneumanity surfaced way back in 2013 and it seems like a mighty long time since those five tracks of technical death metal tinged thrash were unleashed upon the world. If I ever get around to my intended run of posts revolving around the artist who created some of metals finest covers Dan Seagrave who painted the piece above will feature heavily in it. His artwork has adorned dozens of albums that have been displayed in countless record stores since 1989 and he’s still going strong nearly thirty years later.

Reprisal are a band that I might have caught at Bloodstock over the last few years, they played their in 2014, but I can’t remember anything about them if I did see them. I may have missed them completely or I briefly caught a few songs whilst flitting between stages. There has been one missed opportunity recently of seeing them live when I was due to go to Oxford last October for the weekend and they were supporting Divine Chaos. Unfortunately things fell through and the Oxford trip had to be postponed.

I’ve seen several shows advertised in the southern portion of the country but I can’t recall seeing any shows in this neck of the woods until the dates for the Reanimation trek were announced. Hopefully I shouldn’t have to wait too long to see them again as I’m hoping to make the ridiculous drive to Norwich again for Thrashersarus in May where they have recently been added to the already stellar bill.

I’m not sure if the E.P. is still available physically to purchase but it’s on most of the digital platforms, but if you want to line the pockets of the band with a hefty £4 (and hopefully help to get a new release out without a Metallica length wait) then have a browse of their Bandcamp page.


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