Reclaiming The Crown

Sunday sees the Persistence tour bringing the curtain down on its 2018 run with a nearly sold out show at the Forum in Kentish Town – an area in northwest London. 2017 marked my first experience of this touring hardcore juggernaut in the capital, but it had been the first time it was back on UK soil since 2012 when I caught it in Manchester.

I’ll be leaving the house around noon on Sunday to make the 180 mile journey to the capital got the first time this week – more to come in the city on Thursday! And as I’m trying to be frugal with my holidays and saving them for other things (Slayer farewell shows?) I’ll be back home before 11pm ready for work at 5am Monday. Unfortunately I’ll have to miss at least the headlining band, if not the one beforehand too.

I’m more interested in seeing the first five bands than all seven on the day. I adore Hatebreed and Madball and between the hardcore heavyweights I’ve seen them at least 27 times combined – 18 of those were Hatebreed shows! The opening five acts are less than ten shows between them, but I might have to disputed that in my head.

I’ve seen all seven bands over the years and all but one in the last 24 months. It’s been almost 16 years since I last saw Dutch bruisers Born From Pain on a stage. My excursion to see the Resistance 2002 tour in Sheffield is my only catalogued event for the band on SetlistFM and none of their other UK shows ring a bell in the memory bank.

I know that list is incomplete as I’m aware of the band playing Stoke many years ago at the Stage as it was then and unfortunately I couldn’t make it. I’m pretty sure though I must have seen them a few times pre 2002 as they seemed to be one of those bands that had the connections with the touring bands and promoters, and it felt like they opened up a load of shows – unless my memory is playing tricks on me? They also had a UK connection during a large swathe of the 2000’s when ex Canvas, Unborn and Thirty Seconds to Armageddon guitarist Karl Fieldhouse was in the ranks.

I’m quite looking forward to seeing Born From Pain’s half hour set purely because it’s been such a long time between shows. To be honest though, they’re a band I’ve not listened to for such a long time until recently when I had to refill my iPhone . I used to listen to Reclaiming the Crown relentlessly at the turn of the century and the last album I know I have by them is War from 2006, so there’s a gap in my knowledge of the band covering more than a decade.


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