Run To The Pit

Happy Power Trip – Insanity Alert – Broken Teeth – Terror day!

Today I’m on quite a tight schedule to get down to London and back and see five bands I’ve shelled out £30 to see. With the going ons of my last two disastrous Manchester gigs I’m approaching my ten hours out of the house with a huge amount of trepidation.

As I said in the Born From Pain post, I haven’t seen these opening bands all them many times and I’ve especially been looking forward to seeing Insanity Alert and Power Trip since the last time I saw both bands last year. Not exactly a lifetime ago, but they are two of the best and most exciting bands I saw last year.

To cover myself I’ve ended up with three seats on two trains. I originally purchased my return tickets and estimated what time I presumed Terror would be done and dusted and added a bit of time on to negotiate the tube ride from Kentish Town to Euston.

I overestimated and originally booked a ticket for a train leaving the capital at 2125 which gets me back to my house just before midnight. Once the official times were announced Terror depart the stage at 8pm and I just about have time to get on a train that gets me into my bed nearly 90 minutes earlier. At least if things over run then I now have a plan ‘B’.

On the southbound journey I arrive at Euston two hours before Austrians Insanity Alert take to the stage. Due to the ridiculous prices that the O2 Forum charges a few lubricating beverages will be required away from the venue. The doors open at 4pm and the band appear half an hour later. All fine and good until you remember how notoriously slow the door guys are at the venue. The first time I went to the building we heard the opening band from outside as we snaked around the building in a sloth like queue. Six years further on though O2 customers have the perks of a fast access entrance, so we’ll give that a go later.

Run To The Pit is the closing track of the band’s self titled debut album from 2014. The track itself sounds vaguely familiar but I’m not quite sure where I recognise it from…*

* sarcasm. Of course I know it’s Judas Priest.


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