Human Defect


So when is a snow day not exactly a snow day?  When you’re already at home and just can’t be bothered to go out into the frozen wasteland?

I’ve been off work this week in what could be my last rota week for the company that I work for – or at the very least the penultimate rota week off – before we kind of move into the modern age and have a five day working week.  I quite like having a full week off every sixth week if they fall at a time where I have things to do, but at the same time I loath having to work on a Saturday as it just detracts from my weekends. 

I hadn’t realised that my last post was just after Valentines Day, when I had this lame cold that I’m still struggling to shake off almost a fortnight later.  I have ventured to one gig in the intervening time, a grind / power violence shindig in Manchester held within a venue that was the home of the Northern Soul club The Twisted Wheel from the 1970’s.  In turn though I discovered that the place was the third address to hold the name, so not quite as iconic a place as I had originally assumed. 

So far this week I have had no shows to go to, but that has been quite a blessing with the snowfall that we’ve had locally since Tuesday.  But Friday evening should see me heading to Satan’s Hollow, yet again in Manchester, to catch Slovenian deathcore band Within Destruction.  That show is more of a boredom replacement to take my mind off the fact that Netherlands Deathfest III is taking place in Tilburg this weekend and I won’t be there.  There are some great bands gracing the 013 stage over the weekend, just not enough over the three days to keep me interested enough to fly over.  Most of the few bands I want to see there are playing over here in the next few weeks, so it’s no great loss.  Hopefully 2019 will be a bit more to my liking?

Saturday could see me heading to a local gig for the album launch show for local hardcore band Of Legions and back to Manchester again on Sunday to see Reprisal supporting a comedian at the Rebellion Rock Bar, assuming some of the snow melts away and allows me to travel without worrying about getting back home.  Next weekend involves a ridiculously busy schedule and I’m sure there will be more about that over the next few days.

I’ve spent the last few days or so listening to the Slovenian’s via Spotify, their 2012 debut From the Depths and their last outing Void from 2016.  Deathwish will be their most recent release when it surfaces at the end of March. I was aware of the other three bands on tomorrows bill as I’ve seen them all before.  Gorehead were at last weekends Manchester show and Cranial Discharge were at the show prior to that one in the city.  This Is Turin are a band I’ve seen several times in recent years and reside not too far away in Cheshire, so I could claim them as local too?

I’m quite liking Within Destruction’s soild death metal sound, I’m just getting a bit bored of all the unintelligible squeals that is a part of the whole deathcore / slam thing. It won’t make up for the fact that I’ll be missing out on Broken Hope (on a proper stage unlike the last time I saw them!) who are playing tomorrow in Holland, but two of the other bands, Suffocation and Yacøpsæ, both play the country before the end of this month and I should at least be seeing one of the pair.   

The track Human Defect is taken from the about to be released Deathwish album via Rising Nemesis Records from Germany.  Based of the one track on offer here, there seems to be more of the squealing than on the last album that I just finished listening to.  Maybe they’re moving to a much more slam metal orientated sound on the new record?  At least I know I won’t miss the last train home if it’s too high pitched!

within dest


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