It’s pretty weird how things transpire with my musical “hobby”. I’ve had a full week off work with no shows attended and by the end of next Sunday I could’ve attended four shows and worked six days!

My train for Friday’s Within Destruction show was doubtful for getting me home due to the freezing white stuff. Yesterday’s local show was a case of couldn’t really be bothered and tonight’s I’ve pulled the plug on as the band I wanted to see are now not playing a set, just being the backing musicians for the comedic headliner. It’s saved me a bit of cash for the coming weeks.

Before Easter creeps up on us I could have been to a dozen shows in four weeks. The first of the possible twelve is actually a bonus show that I didn’t even know about until 60 hours ago!

With being off this week and having nothing to really do (well I have but I procrastinate about doing grown up stuff) I spent quite a bit of time sat at my Mac trawling Bandcamp and the like. I saw a name crop up on a few of those iffy sites your wife warns you about – no not the porn sites!

Québec City natives Meet the Mailman (or Mailman as I referred to them several times) possibly have one of the worst names for a band I’ve seen in a while and don’t really inspire me to check them out. I saw the word “thrash” connected to the name on several sites and thought I’d give it a go. Plus they come from the city where I had one of my favourite chicken dishes nearly 15 years ago!

How wrong I was to judge this particular book my it’s cover! Horror movie inspired thrash metal with a punk edge, which in hindsight makes the moniker more pertinent in a slightly innocuous horror film title style, like Last House on the Left or Let the Right One In.

I discovered this band last Sunday, so just a week ago and I’ve played their stuff multiple times in the ensuing days. Then I stumbled across some tiny lettering on a gig poster on Friday for a tour headlined by Waco Jesus and I saw the bands logo. Scroll down the dates I see a show for the Dev in Camden and the night before they’re in Nottingham, one of only two UK shows.

I’m not overly keen on driving to Nottingham on a school night and to be fair I’m not a fan of driving around Nottingham at the best of times. I think I’ve made a parking compromise and going as far as the East Midlands Parkway, about an hour from my house, then train in to the city. From their write ups I’m only interested in three of the four opening bands on a six band bill (six bands on a Tuesday apparently starting at 7:30 is asking for trouble!) I’m hoping I can see what I want to see, buy what I want to buy and be back on a train to my car by 10pm and home just after 11.

They have a full length album, Then You Will Die, which surfaced at the end of February, so I believe. Their 2014 EP (Knock Knock Dead, Blood Scream ‘N Gore) is playable and indeed purchasable via their Bandcamp page, and Damnation is the opening track on that seven song offering.

It’s a shame Obituary are playing just around the corner on the same evening and will probably detract from the crowd, but the Waco Jesus show if free entry so you never know some people are bound to experience both.


One thought on “Damnation

  1. Hi i’m Dominic Brillant from Meet the Mailman Canada.

    We just saw that you wrote about our band when we played in UK last winter.

    Thank you so much. We appreciate. Always cool to see that people is talking about meet the mailman. Thanks , cheers.

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