Blind, Torture, Kill

Well I’ve had my power nap and I’m on a train again for night two of some iconic death metal. Hailing from a generally more grim climate compared to the sunny temperatures afforded to last nights band, ever present guitarist Terrance Hobbs’ Suffocation call New York State home. And they have been yet another huge omission in the blog over the last couple of years.

Suffocation release their first album, Effigy of the Forgotten, back in 1991. Released by Roadrunner, recorded in Morrisound Studios, Tampa with artwork by Dan Seagrave. What more does an iconic 90’s death metal release need? I’m pretty sure I was sent a promo tape of 1993’s follow up effort Breeding the Spawn through the mail by their label when I was first doing my printed fanzine way back when.

For a band I’ve been loosely following for over a quarter of a century tonight will only be my third time seeing them. All three shows have been in Manchester and the first was in 2013 with Havok supporting, and they’ve all come at three year intervals. I missed them at Bloodstock 2010, from memory I think they were first band in at an ungodly hour and I like my bed too much to have made it there so early.

Their latest album …Of the Dark Light was released last year with ever presents Hobbs and Frank Mullen in front of the microphone, but Frank doesn’t like to tour too far away from home now and live vocal duties are usually passed to someone else. I’m not sure who is fronting for this tour, but in the past we’ve had Dying Fetus and Decrepit Birth growlers taking the helm.

The NYDM sound, and most of the death metal bands from the North Eastern part of the States always seemed to have a much more grittier sound then their southern counterparts. Both branches were ridiculously technical, but the NY bands (intentionally?) seemed to have some of the CBGB’s hardcore fire in their belly and didn’t seem quite as polished.

I’m nearly in Manchester now, so I’m at the mercy of 4G to get this loaded. Blind, Torture, Kill is taken from the bands self titled release from 2006.


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