Make Them Suffer

Outside it’s blowing a gale in Pwllheli and we’re grabbing a bit of breakfast before we start the nearly three hour jaunt home, hopefully I’m not driving into a snow storm near home.

Even though it’s a ridiculously long drive to only cover 131 miles it’s usually always worth the effort. Today’s line up isn’t great, hence us heading home shortly. But yesterday was a fantastic day.

Kicking things off with Acid Reign who were superb to watch yet again. I don’t think I could ever get bored of watching H and his band live. Blaze Bayley is an equally superb frontman and had the crowd in the palm of his hand for an hour. I loved hearing his Maiden tunes live again.

The two new gems and finds of the day were Norway’s Critical Solution and Goatwhore from New Orleans. Both bands have featured in the blog last week and we’re above and beyond what I expected.

I’ve seen Obscura several times and always been left bored by them, regardless of how insanely technical they are as a band. Maybe a bit too sterile? And the mighty Sepultura finished off the crowd. It lulled a little in the middle, so I’m not convinced six new songs in the set works all that well. Live I also think their sound is a bit thin when Andreas goes on his solos, a second live guitarist would thicken out the sound immensely.

Next year New Jersey devils Overkill have been announced as headliners, so 2019 will see another trek along the A55 to the middle of nowhere!

At some point today I’ll be jumping in the car and heading to Nottingham for my first show in Rock City for more than 13 years. Tonight it’s more classic 90’s death metal from Buffalo who are now Florida residents, in the shape of Cannibal Corpse.

The controversial band surfaced to the record buying public in 1991, around the same time as Deicide, Suffocation, Obituary and the like, but they are the band of the time that I picked up on the least and haven’t really followed their career. Maybe it was their blatantly gory and comical lyrics and artwork that subconsciously put me off the band? And the reason why a defining genre band gave taken so long to pop up on the blog.

I brought the band’s debut CD second hand from Lotus Records in the early 90’s. The shop at the time was ran by a man if religion. I always remember buying the CD and the owner had altered the “this may offend” warning sticker on the front and put a tiny sticker over the “may” part so it read “this WILL offend”. I loved that shop and it became a second home. I’d be intrigued to see what the owner would make of some of the bands, lyrics and artwork of some stuff a quarter of a century later.

For a band I don’t really follow tonight will be my eighth time seeing them since 2000. Over recent years the band have grown on me more, maybe with my newly found acceptance of the death metal genre. Even their latest album Red Before Black became only the second album to make me part with cash for a physical copy.

Tonight should be “fun” and I’m looking forward to seeing the Black Dahlia Murder again. I’m just hoping the snow and ice threat steers clear.


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