Victims Of A Clown

With a little over twenty six hours before they take to the stage in Manchester I’m still debating on a short trip north to see Ministry.

I’ve been a fan of theirs since the years before Jesus Built My Hotrod propelled them to the mainstream, but it wasn’t all that long after that release when I stated drifting away from them.

I brought Filth Pig, the follow up to Psalm 69, but couldn’t seem to get into it. All the albums after that have passed me by. I made no real effort with any of them until I had a slight revisit of the newer albums around the time of the C-U-LaTour in 2008, which was the first (and currently only) time I’ve seen Al Jourgensen perform indoors and it is up there as one of my biggest gigging low points.

The set list was predominantly made up of songs post Psalm 69 and only four from a seventeen song set list were from their golden era. The whole thing seemed very subdued and from what I recall sounded awful, everything turned up to 12 and sounding overly distorted. It just felt like a band going through the motions, indeed this tour was supposedly their last jaunt to promote their latest at the time The Last Sucker. Roll on a decade, four tours and a trio of albums later in contemplating shelling out to see the Cuban native take to the stage again.

I’ve seen the recent set lists and yet again they are skewed heavily in favour of current release AmeriKKKant and still too much material post 1992, but this time I’ve listened to the newest offering and thoroughly like it’s venomous lyrical tirade and rhythmic electronic power. In places it takes me back to the days of Twitch, The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste and The Land of Rape and Honey.

I’ll see what kind of mood I am in when I get home from work and see if I can drag myself to a train station and add a new venue to my ever expanding list. That’s all assuming it hasn’t had the sold up sign posted up.


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