We Are The End

I always seem to leave everting to the last minute just lately and try and to cram several days worth of errands into what feels like a few hours! If I didn’t procrastinate so much then I’m sure my life would flow much better.

The work on my “man cave” is still on going and I started to have a few tantrums over that. I’ve spent most of this afternoon taking out stuff that shouldn’t be there (or more so stuff I don’t want in there!). Yesterday my wonderful wife purchased me a reclining chair from a charity shop for less than a third of what I was expecting to pay for something new. No cup holders though, but beggars can’t be choosers (that’s sarcasm right there). Now I need to cross everything and hope it fits through all the doors in the house and in the space I’ve created.

That wouldn’t be too bad considering the weekend is upon us, but obviously this weekend I’m off to the Netherlands for the Stonehenge Festival (not actually held at Stonehenge as someone thinks but rather Steenwijk). Friday afternoon will involve manhandling an armchair as well as exchanging money for Saturday, packing a bag and generally winding down so that I’m not too stressed for a 4:30 alarm the next morning.

That’s not a problem if I was flying solo, but as I’m baby sitting two other adults for 32 hours presents me with more problems that I’ll not doubt make into mountains.

The weather in the UK has been ridiculously hot and dry over the last few months, pretty much as far back as Download last month. We are due thunderstorms on Friday, but I can cope with a deluge while I’m working. I’ve been keeping an eye on Steenwijk’s forecast and they seem to be getting the storms on Saturday – oh joy. And to really take the biscuit, they seem to be scheduled for the time we arrive at the festival. Talk about bad timing.

From one of the more in-depth forecasts I’ve seen it’s due to have passed over by 3pm, so with a bit of luck it will have passed by the time Skinned hit the stage and we can begin to dry out.

The brutal death metal band from Colorado have been around for two decades and unleashed five albums in that time. But they’re a new band to me. I picked up latest album Shadow Syndicate earlier in the year on a whim and enjoyed it. Over the 20 years there is only one documented gig on British shores, London’s Boston Music Room in May 2017 with Ninkharsag (black metal from Liverpool) on the bill.

Besides half a dozen shows listed in Japan back in 2013 there are only four other European performances listed on SetlistFM, but as it also only lists one show in the States by them I’m guessing the list has several gaps in their live output. It’s still going to be something pretty unique, especially for those based in the UK.

Fingers crossed that the weather doesn’t pose a threat to the event. I’m

Pretty sure the festival was cancelled part way through some years ago due to heavy storms. 🤞🏼

Released as a digital single last year, We Are the End is featured on the band’s most recent album.


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