I’m not designed for this bleedin’ hot weather. I couldn’t wait to get home and take off my work stuff. So uncomfortable to wear in this heat. My shorts are now on. I have my Euro’s for tomorrow’s jaunt and my newly purchased chair is in place in my room. Now all I have to do now is pack a bag then wait for a friend to get here and hope we don’t make ourselves late for the plane tomorrow morning. Not anxious much at all!!

Another one of the many highlights at Stonehenge tomorrow is getting to see Swedish death metal stalwarts Grave for only the second time, but hopefully this time with a much more appreciative crowd.

The only other time I have seen the Visby band was at the ill fated Ritual Festival held in Leeds in 2016. They headlined over bands including a fledgling Venom Prison, Conan, Ingested, Bong Cauldron and Full of Hell. Quite an eclectic mix of bands overall, which is nice to see. But when the festival over runs and people have to leave before the headliner takes to the stage or part way through. It must have been thoroughly depressing looking down on an empty floor from the stage. Ever likely it took them six years to venture outside of London.

Hopefully in 24 hours time the rain and thunderstorms, if they arrive, will be well and truly gone and Ola Lindgren will crush Steenwijk, assuming there is anything left to destroy after the trio of bands playing before them (Thanatos, Gruesome and DRI).

Soulless is taken from the bands third album of the same name. It’s shocking to think how old some of these records are. This one was released 24 years ago.


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