Good morning to you all, you metal heads possibly intrigued with my musings, or you random people who are here by mistake and just passing through, or trying to sell your unwanted wares and have no idea what you are viewing.

We made it easily and safely to the airport and with not much time to spare loitering around the terminal, which in my eyes is the best way to experience an airport. Just enough time to grab an overpriced wake up coffee and use the facilities. Gone are the days of travelling abroad with my parents and being obliged to be at the soulless airports three hours before you flight is due to depart only to usually experience an unwanted delay and more time to kick your heels in one of the few places where seating appears to be for the sole use of luggage.

We’ll shortly be on our way towards Amsterdam airport and onwards to the Savage Land! Sandwiched in between Thanatos and DRI (still bizarre seeing that logo on this line up!) and starting at 1840 promptly we should be treated to 40 minutes of Twisted Prayers and I’m really excited to see this band again and I’m hoping they don’t disappoint when I get to see them for a second time.

Well I didn’t have time to post this before we flew, so I’m now on a train to Zwolle and still “praying” that the rain doesn’t ruin what should be a great (and very long) day.

I saw Gruesome on their debut European show at the Netherlands Death Fest back in 2016. They’ve been back to the continent in the meantime but this is the first time I’ve been able to schedule it correctly to see them. On a lineup so stacked with amazing bands I’m really hoping that this mid card band deliver the goods and will be my band of the weekend.

For some reason Gruesome are still to hit the UK. They’ve been on this side of the Atlantic when festival season (Bloodstock)has been in full flow and I’ve half expected them to be amongst the seemingly random festival announcements over the last two years, but nothing has been forthcoming for this Death inspired band.

On one of my various traverses through Schiphol airport I exchanged a few words with Ira Black in the security line (ex Dokken, ex Heathen and current I Am Morbid guitarist). He was taken aback that people fly into to Holland or wherever to see a band play, especially if it’s his band, and fly out on the early flight the next morning. If these bands aren’t hitting the UK, or if they do they only play London, a short hop over the channel can be cheaper and nearly as quick as a train journey to the capital.

We left these flight tickets a bit late and paid about £120 for the 70 minute flight and the hotel is split three ways and works out about £40 each. I’ve paid over £70 for the train in the past and that can take more than two hours. A hotel (which more often than not is no bigger than a shoe box) in London for a night can start at £70. This trip has worked out one twenty pound note dearer than some London jaunts, so you can’t really complain at that, can you? And if bands aren’t playing in my backyard (not literally of course, my backyard isn’t big enough. It would be cool Hell though!) then I’m happy to travel. Usually the rewards are worthwhile.


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