Intravenous Mutilation

Now I’m home time for a quick post.

I’ve known for some time that Lich King were playing in Utrecht tonight and New Jersey’s Condition Critical were now a part of the tour. It was a bit galling to know that I was waking up in a hotel bed a little bit over 50 miles away, and less than an hour by train, from the show on the Sunday morning.

If the shows had been reversed and the Utrecht show was Friday night, I might have ventured out to it and risked the wrath of the wife by having another long weekend away from home. Our flight tickets were booked pretty late for Stonehenge and we only locked them in less than 3 weeks ago even though we’ve had the actual gig tickets since last year. The festival fell on a Saturday and I could get home easily enough on the Sunday and be in work at stupid o’clock Monday morning and no more holidays were needed.

Last weekend I was surfing the net and looked at the dB’s Facebook page and stumbled across tonight’s event page. Why did I not do that a month ago, or even three weeks and a day? If I’d have known then what I do now then right about now I’d probably be leaving Utrecht Central and heading to Schiphol for a 9pm flight back to Manchester.

The two bands on the line up I’d really like to see are on stage between 5pm and 7pm. The show is being headlined by Skeletonwitch on their last day in Europe. I’d be gutted to have missed them for a third time on this run (another band on a European tour with nothing in the UK makes me sad), but at least I could strike Condition Critical from my imaginary bucket list.

I think this is the second Euro trek for the New Jersey thrashers and again no sign of a detour across the channel. Maybe they’re a band I’ll have to go Stateside to see?


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