Wednesday evening might see me on a train over to Chester for a gig, breaking my self imposed cardinal rule of no gigs on a school night! I’m not 100% committed to it yet, it always depends on my mood when I get home from work and if I can get my head down for a while before I have to leave.

Even though Act of Defiance are playing Bloodstock next weekend (Sunday to be precise) I want to keep my options open. The line up for the Sunday isn’t great if I’m being honest. I’m really keen to see the UK debut shows of Alien Weaponry on the second stage and Jasta over on the main. Besides a few up and coming bands on the day in the New Blood tent that’s about it until Nightwish finally take to the stage. If there are so few bands I’m interested in then it’s going to be aa awfully long day and drag chronically.

Crossover innovators DRI are playing a tiny pub in Bolton on the same evening and I’m sorely tempted to bail on the festival as soon as I’ve seen the aforementioned bands and make a dash up the M6 for some short sharp punk blasts. It’s very tempting.

If that is the route I take then having already experienced Act of Defiance a week earlier makes things a bit easier to stomach if I do decide to leave early.

The Californian band are touted everywhere pretty much as a super group, but everything clearly revolves around 50% of the band. Vocalist Henry Bonner can be found on releases by Scar the Martyr and Lilitu – not exactly household names. Bass duties are handled by Shadow Fall’s guitarist Matthew Bachard.

The figure heads of the band are the drummer and guitarist who spent a period of time touring the world and recording with Dave Mustaine and Megadeth. Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick resigned from Megadeth within hours of each other in November 2014, both pretty much citing artistic differences. Well they both did record the Super Collider album, the only Megadeth album I’ve never been able to listen to from start to finish.

I’ve not managed to listen to the bands sophomore album (Old Scars, New Wounds) released last year yet, basically because I wasn’t aware of it until a week or so ago. I’ve been having a repeat listen to Birth and the Burial lately and the fusion of traditional Bay Area thrash metal with some more modern (metalcore like) growling vocals overlaying it is quite catchy.

It’s only a 25 minute train ride to and from Crewe station and I’ll easily be back home before the witching hour. Plus they’ll probably play a longer set in Chester than they will do at the festival. Let’s see how I feel in 24 hours. There is the added bonus of a few pre gig drinks at the Deva Tap which makes it a more alluring prospect.


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