Piece Of Time

Ten months after Within Temptation had left the Assembly Rooms stage we were back standing within the grounds of Catton Hall as the festival ventured outside again.

Again held over two days, but I was only there for the Friday. No doubt it involved a mad dash along the A50 after work to get there in time on that afternoon for the bands. Looking back on the bill Friday was a much stronger line up and I may have used working on Saturday as an excuse not to attend, but that Saturday line up still doesn’t do it for me at all.

German power metal band Edguy headlined on the Friday. The festival seemed to have a thing for Tobias Sammet’s troupe. They played the festival three times in four years and this was the middle of that run. Then it was another four years until they returned.

Evile headlined the new unsigned stage and that was the second time that I’d seen them within a month as they played Bradford Rios with Onslaught and Xentrix, a show that should have been headlined by Testament if I remember correctly.

This year was the first time I got to see heavyweights Metal Church, and I’ve only seen them once since. It was also the only time I’ve had the chance to see Atheist. As far as I’m aware that was the debut British performance for the technical death metal band from Florida, and possibly one of only two shows ever on this island.

Looking back on it a dozen years later it does seem bizarre how Edguy headlined that year when Metal Church and Atheist were below them. It was a rare visit for Kurdt Vanderhoof’s band and especially coming off the recent death of one time vocalist David Wayne along with an appearance steeped in anticipation for Kelly Shaefer’s outfit. Maybe that’s why I don’t curate a festival?


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