Well the first day of my 20th consecutive Bloodstock Festival is here, and for probably the 15th time I woke up wondering why I’m going again. And after the relentless scorching weather over the last few months we now seem to have a British summer for the weekend.

The line up yet again isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination, way too many repeat bands year on year and too many bands who’ve been on tours here on the last twelve months. When it first kicked off and it found its feet, it promised more unique bands and more unique artists. Something different. It was going relatively well then all of a sudden it decided it wanted to be Download Lite and appeal a bit more to the mainstream (Trivium, Machine Head, Lamb of God, Rob Zombie…)

I’m looking forward to seeing Judas Priest and Doro later tonight. Suicidal Tendencies could be fun, but a 40 minute stage time could hinder them or help them. The last few times I’ve seen them they (well Mike Muir) likes to chat. Let’s hope he forsakes the talk and they concentrate on the music.

Birmingham old school death metal band Memoriam should be fun, but I’ll more than likely be showing my support for local band Vulgore on the New Blood Stage.

One time headliner Bloodbath are relegated to a 2:55pm slot and I’ll be giving them a swerve along with Wednesday 13, Kamelot and Emperor in favour of Reprisal, Sodomized Cadaver and Ingested.

Probably the most intriguing band of the day is the all female Japanese band Lovebites. I’d never heard anything by them until last Saturday.

Earlier in the year they won the best newcomer award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods. Their debut album Awakening from Abyss was released last year and I have to say I’d never heard of them at all. The UK “metal” press has a thing for BabyMetal and looking at photos of the Tokyo band I was expecting something more saccharine sweet that they can pass off as the “next BabyMetal” . Having had a few runs through it I can definitely say they sound nothing like their compatriots and owe more of their sound to the Scandinavian power metal genre. It is going to be intriguing to watch them for 45 minutes rather than an unmasked Emperor screech on the main stage.


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