After a late finish last night it’s back on the A50 again for what looks to be like a long hard slog today.

If it wasn’t for Power Trip taking to the main stage at 11:40am I probably wouldn’t be rocking up to the festival until 6pm if I had my way! After the Texans have obliterated the stage (especially if Tuesday nights tour de force is anything to go by) then I have zero interest in any of the other bands playing until 8pm. Eight hours of what looks to be sheer boredom.

Obviously I’ll reluctantly be watching some acts, I’d be daft not to, but SepticFlesh don’t really float my boat and they’re in the same boat as Scottish pirate metal band Alestorm. Venom Inc. are alright, but they bore me after a while and I’ve seen them pretty recently and also walked out of a gig before they hit the stage (no one can follow Suffocation in the form they are in at the moment). I’ve also recently encountered Cannibal Corpse who I risked life and limb to see through the ice and snow in March.

There seems to be a few bands on the outer stages to check out after a bit of further investigation. Thrash metal from Irish band Dead Label. There’s a bit of prog metal all the way from Denmark and Australia supplied by VOLA and Voyager respectively. Along with a dose of Viking metal from Yorkshire courtesy of Valafar.

Saturday is all about New Orleans heavyweights Exhorder who are finally making their debut UK performance. They only formed back in 1985 so they have taken their time a bit! Having said that though they split up within a decade and this is currently their second reformation.

In that decade they released two classic albums, Slaughter in the Vatican and The Law. From those two albums only vocalist Kyle Thomas and guitarist Vinnie LaBella are present in this incarnation.

Over the years much has been said about them sounding like that other New Orleans band Pantera. One rose to international fame and major label wealth, one became a cult artist. Even though Cowboys from Hell surfaced three months prior to Slaughter… Phil Anselmo only joined in 1986, so maybe Exhorder had the sound first? But as Kyle Thomas has said in the past, Pantera worked harder than they did. Plus they took a lot longer to annoy the masses, where as Exhorder did it with their debut album!

Well this is the band that made me pay out for a twentieth year and I really do hope their hour long set and a 28 year wait to see them live doesn’t disappoint. Once they’ve finished I have no intentions on being anywhere near the main arena for Gojira or Orphaned Land, I’ll be heading to the car park and onwards to my bed.


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