Kai Tangatai

The end is nigh for Bloodstock 2018 and there have been plenty of promises of I’m not doing that again over the last 48 hours, but I’m confident I’ll be in a field in Derbyshire in twelve months time and still griping about the line up, the price of food and drink, probably the weather and in good old BBC TV fashion the amount of repeats. At least today is a more chilled and shorter day, and probably muddier.

Apart from the deluge that fell just before Cannibal Corpse it wasn’t too bad a day. Combichrist surprised me and were pretty good to listen to, I even enjoyed watching Venom Inc. with their zombie guitarist! The two bands a I was there for predictability stole the show and Exhorder didn’t disappoint.

I’d really like to see Nightwish closing the weekend. Yet another repeat band, actually their third appearance, but at least it’s their first in ten years. But there are only a handful of bands I want to see today and I don’t think I can face standing through At The Gates (third time here) and DevilDriver (second appearance) to reach the grand prize. Plus they’re here again in December. But never say never.

There’s no rush to get there today either. I can leave home at the much more favourable time of noon and be mush fresher than the hordes I’ll pass lugging all their camping gear back to their vehicles.

All but two of today’s nine main stage bands have played the festival previously. The promoters and Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed seem to have formed a bond and he’s appearing again for the fourth time since 2012. Fortunately it’s a debut British performance of his “solo” band Jasta (and friends). Straight after them is Mr Big, a real anomaly in the line up but someone I wouldn’t mind seeing at least once.

There are a few bands on the side stages I might take a look at, thrash metal Surrey style from Dead Before Mourning, Demonic Resurrection from India (who toured here not so long ago) and Imminent Annihilation from Aylesbury, but I doubt I’ll be on site for their breakfast slot.

I read the other day that prior to this weekend that bands from 45 countries and territories have appeared at the festival. By today that will be at least 46 when New Zealand will be added to the list and also the first Kiwi band to grace this blog.

Until they were announced Alien Weaponry from Waipu were a compete unknown to me. That announcement was before their debut album Tū was released. After listening to it I was hooked.

The trio are only teenagers and formed the band when they were as young as 8 and 10 by brothers Lewis de Jong (vocals) and drummer Henry in 2010. The unique thing about their brand of thrash metal is the Māori influences in the music and the cultures turbulent history, and some of it is sung in the Māori dialect. This will be the first opportunity for the biggest percentage of the crowd to have seen these kids, unless they caught them at one of their other European festival appearances, or supporting Nervosa. Hopefully they get a good reaction and come back real soon.


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