Outback Incest Clan

A short working week is nearly over, six more hours to go then that’s all until Monday. It’s looking like this weekend will end the way it started with gigs, but there’s a conundrum to figure out first. Four shows in four different venues over two days doesn’t really work, unless I have a TARDIS. Plus there’s a beer festival to factor in to the equation.

I have a choice of two Broken Hope shows, Leeds tomorrow or tonight’s likely option in Birmingham. Tonight up the road at Eleven is the fantastic Iron Maiden tribute Hi-On Maiden. Also rolling into the five towns tomorrow is the long standing Anarcho punk band Conflict. Decisions decisions decisions.

I’ve only had the chance to see the Chicago death metal band once and that was in London back in 2015 when they played Nambucca with Internal Bleeding as support. I’m pretty gutted about that show as we had to leave early to get the train back north. It shouldn’t have been too bad, but it’s why I’m an advocate against bills bigger than three bands on a week night!

They headlined the tiny and poorly set out venue in North London on a Tuesday night. It was actually the closest venue on their mini UK jaunt. I have no issues travelling to shows and I also believe it was their first appearance in the UK. But when there are two support bands added to the three band touring package and doors open at 7pm then it’s a recipe for disaster. It was running late by the time we arrived. Internal Bleeding (I believe) insisted on playing their full set and that meant Broken Hope had to be unfortunately cut short by us when we had to head home.

They were over again last year and played Manchester which was much more favourable, but I was already committed to a European jolly to see Metallica. Typical.

The Birmingham show appears to be in the Asylum 2 venue, I’d guess it holds a little over 100 at a squeeze, so it’s going to be an intimate affair. There are also four bands performing on the night, but I will be driving down so it can overrun from my point of view. And for whatever reason it’s a pretty late addition to the tour, so late apparently that it didn’t make it to the back of the tour shirt. At least it’ll be a reason not to but another shirt and the same reason I didn’t purchase a Suffocation one on Leeds a few months ago as that list of cities didn’t include Leeds.

They also played this years Netherlands DeathFest. For me they were one of the few bands on the three day bill that I’d have wanted to see, but the line up in general didn’t offer enough for me to pay out and head over to Eindhoven for the full weekend. I’m kind of glad I didn’t in hindsight as the artic weather was atrocious. Hopefully I’ll make it for the 2019 edition.

Outback Incest Clan is taken from the death metal veterans seventh album Mutilated and Assimilated that was released last year via Century Media.


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