The Only Thing

After a slew of death and thrash metal recently it’s now time to slow it down considerably for the next few days. Introduce a bit more melody and feeling and maybe being able to understand the lyrics. And in some cases read the logo at 20 paces.

Wednesday evening sees me paying my first visit to the Sugarmill in Hanley for almost ten months! I haven’t stepped foot in there since King Parrot last November, but in recent years it seems like I only go there once or twice in a twelve month period. They have plenty of bands playing, but obviously nothing that appeals to me. It will also be the first visit to the venue for my fourteen year old nephew and his debut gig. One day he’ll catch up with his favourite uncle!

Creeper are headlining, but I know nothing of the other trio of acts playing so I though for both our sakes I’d better check them all out, and after brief listens to them all I’m generally impressed.

First up is In The Cards from Birches Head. As none of you will know where it is, and you’d be surprised how many locals couldn’t tell you where it is either, it’s less than 2 miles from Wednesdays venue.

As with all three bands I’ve had to search Facebook for them and this Stoke band weren’t on the top of the pile instantly like the other two, it actually gave me the River Card first, another Potteries band.

The band formed back in 2010 and have gigged pretty constantly around the West Midlands, North West, South Cheshire and the local vicinity, but until 40 minutes ago I’d never come across their name, let alone heard them. Obviously they mix in circles not aimed at some one in their mid 40’s!

Listening to the 5 tracks on their Eyes Beyond Reflection EP release, I’m getting a Paramore and PVRIS vibe from them, maybe bands that will inevitably be grouped with for a long time, but that’s the way it seems to have worked for an age, comparing to those from the other side of the Atlantic. But the first track I listened to by them via YouTube was The Only Thing which made me instantly think of more modern day Within Temptation upon my first listen.

With discovering this lot and seeing local band Vulgore at Bloodstock last weekend, I think I need to start delving more into the local scene. It was something I was heavily involved with two decades ago, but more recently it’s passing me by. Check this EP out on Spotify, well worth 20 minutes of your time.


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