Let’s Be Honest

I had planned to post about all four bands at the Creeper gig over four consecutive days. It started well on Sunday, but yesterday I was laid low will the onset of a cold and today I fell asleep on the sofa for 3 hours when I got home from work, so you might get the last trio of bands in the next 20 hours. Let’s see.

Flotsam & Jetsam, Sacred Reich, Napalm Strike and Alice Cooper are the only bands that I am aware of that I listen to from the sweat of Phoenix, Arizona. Now I am aware of another band in the shape of all female quartet Doll Skin.

The band have only been around since 2013 and already have two albums under their belts and some high profile support slots with the likes of OTEP, Hell Yeah and Escape the Fate and appeared on the Vans Warped tour two years running and a Ship Rocked cruise. Megadeth’s bass player Dave Ellefson produced their debut EP. So they have a pretty good pedigree.

When I first listened to them on Sunday I wasn’t as immediately taken with them as I was with the other two new discoveries, but I’ve been listening to their songs on and off for the last couple of days and they remind me of a more rockier version of The Donnas. They’ve created their own term Glitter Punk to describe their fusion of punk, rock and melodic hardcore, and it does seem a quite apt term. They’ve definitely grown on me over the last few days.

The wife and I visited Phoenix some years ago. We were on a bus tour around the south western corner of the States and we had a layover in Scottsdale. We visited a decent English themed bar near to the hotel, who seemed enthused about having real British people in their bar!

At the time I was on a mission to visit as many Hard Rock Cafes as I could and there was one in Phoenix that needed ticking off, so we took a 13 mile cab ride to the city. From what I can recall the city seemed very quiet on the streets, but as you’d expect being in the desert it was ridiculously hot and everyone was indoors. The little water sprays that were situated at some building thresholds will be an everlasting memory of my visit to Arizona. We also visited Cooperstown and as it was approaching Thanksgiving we had a turkey dinner.


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