Dyers Eve

Thirty years ago (somewhere in the world) …And Justice For All was unleashed upon the world. In yet another quirky slice of coincidence tonight I should be seeing a Metallica tribute band in Stoke. Sometimes you think I plan these things.

Although this wasn’t purchased on the day of its release, it was the “newest” album by the band that I had from nearest to its release date, until the self titled album surfaced almost three years later. And as I have no doubt said in a previous Metallica blog, this was the album that kick stared my collecting obsession.

I saw Metal Militia last year sandwiched in between four Metallica shows. It was quite ironic that they performed Spit Out The Bone live before Metallica. When they announced ii they said it was a song Metallica don’t play but we will. About a month later I saw Metallica perform it live twice.

It’s going to be interesting to see how many are in attendance compared to last year. The room was pretty packed for them, but for reasons unknown there are two Metallica tribute bands playing within 5 miles of each other tonight. Moretallica have been announced for the Rigger, but I only learnt about this gig three or four days ago. I don’t think it’s a late booking, probably just poor advertising and social media skills from the venue. I always seem to see posts about their shows 24 hours prior to the event or even the same morning. Oh well, more elbow room for me later. Maybe?

This live version of Dyers Eve is from the bands Français Pour une Nuit live DVD released in 2009. They played the stunning looking Arena of Nîmes in France. The stage was set up in a Roman amphitheater, which dates back to AD70. It’s definitely a place I’d like to have a look around if I ever venture back to France.


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