Birthing The Deformity

I’ve been listening to the first two albums by New Jersey’s Cognitive quite a bit lately in anticipation of tonight’s show in Manchester, and what I believe is their first tour of this fair isle, but I’m thinking it might be one show too far for this week.

I’ve had a lot of unexpected running around to do over the last two evenings and feeling a bit ill over the weekend hasn’t helped, so I’ve had to rearrange some family things which I intended to do yesterday, so I’m not sure about attending the Aatma yet. Having said that though the times were issued yesterday and they’re not due on stage until after 9pm, so I could get a late train up.

After consulting Facebook I saw that they are in Maguire’s Pizza Bar on Saturday. A great little venue that holds less than 100 people and it is indeed behind a pizza restaurant. It’s not an ideal venue for me as I hate the smell and taste of cheese and it’s very odd when I’m in there watching a band, oblivious to the venues primary function then suddenly you get the “stench” of hot melting cheese and dough wafting though into the hidden back room.

It was announced last week that the pizza side is ceasing business in the extremely near future. A shame in a way as it was quite a unique selling point for patrons, but the day to dayp side is running at a loss. But at least the venue will remain when it changes hands, as probably another bar.

I’m not sure if I’ll get one last chance to go to “Maguire’s Pizza Bar” though. Cognitive in there on Saturday would normally be nailed on, especially this Saturday since the Scream Bloody Gore festival in Leeds was cancelled after Edinburgh’s Heavy Scotland folded, everything had a knock on effect with the Scottish cancellation. I only had Raven in the diary which I wasn’t too bothered about as third choice, then their tour support was announced. Now I think it’ll be round two for me of the Hatchet UK dates in Bolton – more on that tomorrow.

Cognitive’s third album Matricide (and the first featuring Shane Jost handling vocal duties) is due towards the end of October and no doubt some new tracks will be unleashed upon the bewildered UK crowds during the bands quartet of English shows before heading off to Iceland. I prefer this style of death metal, very technical playing with the guttural vocals rather than the unintelligible squeals, screams and shrieks. You never know, I might make it or Manchester later, work on Friday could be interesting though if I do!


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