Silent Genocide

As I anticipated Cognitive in Manchester was a bust last night. I’m a bit disappointed by that, especially as they’d never been over here before. Hopefully they had a good turnout and they will come back soon (or I change my plans and head to Liverpool on Saturday?)

As it stands tonight starts a three pronged Bay Area thrash metal assault commencing in Liverpool. Nuneaton on Sunday is pretty much nailed on, well I have a train ticket booked. It’s just Saturdays show to iron out at the moment.

Thirteen days ago San Franciscan thrashers Hatchet revealed to the world that they were planing their first visit to Europe. I immediately assumed it would be early 2019 and eagerly awaited an announcement and expected to be organising an overseas trip to the Netherlands or Belgium to see them, or basically whatever city fell on a Saturday really.

Three days later I stumbled across the events page on Facebook for the Raven show in London and it stated Hatchet as support. Was it another band using the sharp bladed, single handed striking tool as an appellation or actually the Bay Area band? And if it was one in the same was it a one off in London prior to setting off on their European jaunt?

A short, but to the point message was sent to the band and in the meantime I was planning a last minute train journey to the capital just incase. I could see them flying to Heathrow to pick up the tour bus, but could I be so lucky as to see the band as close to my house as Liverpool, Bolton, Nuneaton and even Sheffield?

I dissected the times on the Trainline app and I could hop on a train at Stoke and be in Euston easily enough by 6pm. A couple is stops on the underground and I’d be at Tufnell Park. Watch the band, who at the time we second on as part of a four band bill. Depart as soon as they finished and head home and be in my own bed shortly after 11pm.

Thankfully a reply materialised from the band and indeed it was them and they were scheduled to do the whole set of UK dates. Straight away I snagged my Liverpool ticket and planned the Nuneaton trip. It’s been really handy that the three shows most local to me have fallen over a weekend.

Bolton on Saturday is currently 60/40 in favour of going. I’m being dragged to Manchester earlier in the day to attend a computer game fair in Salford. If I can rush my wife through the games quick enough (wishful thinking after Leeds a few weeks go I fear) and be home at a decent time I’ll probably drive back into Lancashire and spend a portion of my evening 11 miles further north than where I was at lunch time.

The last two English shows are even a distinct possibility if I can drag my self out of the house for another two nights. Sheffield is relatively easy to get to on train and even by car through the scenic Peak District. It’s been a long time since I drove to South Yorkshire for a gig, it might have been an Anthrax show when Joey had just returned! Depending on price London is still also possible. One of the bands has dropped off the bill and it pushes Hatchet further up, so I might not get my anticipated early finish if I decide to go. I might not be too greedy and just stick to attending 50% of their Albion dates (the first of the six shows was last night in South Shields).

Hatchet are another online discovery band and I’ve been hooked on them for some years now. They’ve been together for a dozen years now and their first album Awaiting Evil was released a decade ago. I think I picked up on them just before their sophomore release Dawn of the End from 2013, so I’ve been following them for easily more than half of their current lifespan, and seeing them in my county was something I never expected.

Tonight’s show is in a record shop, well I’m assuming it is. Maybe it’s a basement or back room within the shop? You’d think it’s a record shop with the name of Jacaranda Records Phase One wouldn’t you? It’s been many many years since I last saw bands play in store. I saw British punk band Wat Tyler play in Croydon’s Shake Some Action Records back in 1997 when I was driving Jayne Doe around on a handful of dates that they did with J Church, who I don’t think played the shop on that day. How I miss ferrying bands around, I might give it a go again some time soon.

This track is taken from the bands fourth album Dying to Exist released back in June of this year via the relaunched Combat Records. I defy any thrasher with a penchant for their thrash from the 80’s not to have at least one release from the Combat label in their collection.


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