Of Jupiter And Moons

(And in your best British accents)

And now for something completely different….

Moving away from the thrash metal blasts of recent days it’s now onto some symphonic power metal. Stoke on Trent isn’t renowned for anything remotely symphonic, so when the current Serenity tour was announced with a pit stop at Eleven it was met, from me at least, with a raised eyebrow and a rub of the chin!

I can’t remember the last time any band of a power metal leaning came through Stoke, unless it was on the M6 heading to more fruitful pastures. The closest I can recall is Lacuna Coil back in 2011 and that’s not really all that symphonic, but in a happy coincidence they are Italian like the two support acts playing later this evening (even though the venue has deemed the trio be all Austrian in their Facebook events page write up).

I have to admit I’m not familiar with any of the bands making up the bill on this tour, so it’s much more out of sheer curiosity and only a few miles up the road that gains my attendance. If this package had bypassed my city I wouldn’t have given it a second glance, but as it hasn’t carried on through the never ending stretch of roadworks I’ve had to so some homework. Too many small venues are vanishing in recent years, so as they say, use it or lose it.

I haven’t had inclination to listen to anything by all three of the bands until very recently, but the one that has grabbed my attention the most over the weekend has been Temperance from the Lombardy region of Northern Western Italy, not to be confused with the defunct Swedish death metal band of the 90’s. They formed in 2013 and have released an album every year since 2014, four studio albums and a live album that came out last year.

The first track that popped up on YouTube is the title track of this years release Of Jupiter and Moons, the first album to feature the vocal talents of Alessia Scolletti. In a little over four minutes I was hooked and immediately listened to the album on Spotify. I have a soft spot for Nightwish and this is very similar in sound to Once, but the vocals remind me more of Anette Olzon rather than Tarja Turunen’s much grander range.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to check out headliners Serenity a bit more and opening act Alight before I head up the bank, but for a 5 minute drive and a tenner I can’t really go wrong with just Temperance. I’m also curious to see how many clay heads turn out for this gig. I’d assume some from further afield would venture to the Potteries too as this is the only Midlands and North West show on the six date trek.


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