March Of The War Priests

What a horrendously busy day it’s been at work today. I left home twelve hours ago and I’ve just pulled up at my wife’s office to take her home. By the time I step through the door I expect I’ll have been out of the house for over 13 hours and I’m supposed to be going to a gig later!

Tonight’s gig situation, actually everything for this weekend in reality, has chopped and changed multiple times in recent weeks and days. I had originally intended jumping on a train to see the W.A.S.P. tribute band Electric Circus play a local show to them at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton.

Also the Manchester DeathFest kicks off tomorrow. The line up on day one isn’t great for my tastes and I was only vaguely interested in seeing Spanish blackened death metal band Noctem who are headlining on Saturday. Last weekend I found out that they were playing the Victoria Inn down in Derby. That’s a venue I’ve not set foot inside for nearly 17 years, plus if I saw the Spaniards there it would free up Saturday to see either LA Guns in Buckley, 10 Years in Manchester or Discharge in Stafford.

The Noctem tour was scrapped earlier in the week due to travel issues, so I was back to seeing Electric Circus tonight. But the supporting bands for the Derby show kept things active and drafted in Blasphemer from Yorkshire as a headliner so now, if I can be bothered in a couple of hours time, I’ll probably be making the short trip along the A50. But then again I wouldn’t put money on myself sitting at home in front of the TV later bemoaning my decision not to head out.

The only thing in all this time that has remained concrete is my decision to head to day two of the festival to catch CasketFeeder again, they were so impressive when I saw them in Leeds a few months back. Headlining Sunday sees Grave Desecrator bringing their blackened death metal all the way from Rio de Janeiro. And the best thing with the Manchester shindig is it’s relatively early finish time meaning I can get a direct train home rather than having to chop and change at Crewe. In theory I can be on that last train home.

Dewsbury’s Blasphemer formed way back in 1990 and only released a few demos. They split later in that decade and were reformed in 2014 with a debut self titled album surfacing last year. The album and the reissued 1992 demo can be found at their Bandcamp Page. The demo tape seemed to be one that a lot of people received in some shape via the vibrant tape trading scene of that era. I’m pretty sure I had the tape in it’s original format many moons ago but it’s long been lost from my possession and tonight, if I make it, will probably be the first time I’ve seen them live.


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