The Blade

After finishing four gigs in seven days a week ago I’ve now gone seven days without a gig, but not through the lack of trying.

Last weekend I could’ve been seeing Discharge in Stafford, but decided to save some money and spend some time at home before day two of Manchester’s Death Feast. Earlier in the day last Sunday the promoters had three bands pull out and now condensed their two stages onto one. All good, apart from the headliner now hitting the stage at the exact same time I was due to catch the last train home. Another unexpected night at home.

At least I had the Chilean death metal double header of Sadism and Recrucide to look forward to on Thursday again up in Manchester? Well that was up until Monday evening when it was announced that both bands were denied entry into the UK at the border. Not a great few days for the Eradication booking team.

On Friday night I was going to See Casket Feeder and Drawn In down in Birmingham. The latter band pulled out and it wasn’t worth the travel to see half an hour of Dismember worship from the former. And finally onto yesterday. I was planning spending a few hours in Crewe at the Rail and Ale Festival, but that didn’t materialise and my back up was Hands Off Gretel in Leek, but I just couldn’t be bothered in he end.

After my first blank weekend in what feels like months my next show could be tomorrow night in Manchester when Californian old school death metal band Necrot hit the city. I just need to weigh up the travel options. I really don’t want to be on the last train home at 11:30pm as it would be close to 1am by the time my key hits the door. There’s a train at 10:30 which means I’d have to miss the last 10 minutes of Necrot’s scheduled 50, but it all depends on the three band bill running like clockwork, and that is something that doesn’t seem to happen at recent shows in the city.

The Oakland trio formed in 2011 and last year saw the release of their debut album Blood Offerings. This excursion is the band’s debut in Europe, so obviously their first visit as a band to the UK. The Aatma show has suffered from a cancellation already with local band Existential Dread having to bail midweek. The remaining two opening bands seem to be of a black metal leaning so not too good for my musical tastes.


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