Tonight I should’ve been in Manchester seeing Voivod in the Rebellion Club, instead I’ll be probably settling in at one of Edinburgh’s Brewdog establishments.

With my luck just lately I wouldn’t have been surprised if their Scottish show had happened either Wednesday night when I was at the furthest point from Glasgow or Sunday evening whilst I was on a train heading home. Thankfully it was last night and Glasgow is less than an hour by train from Stirling. I couldn’t really have planned it better, for a change.

Originally the Voivod post was always going to have been published today, but due to our very last minute decision to spend a week in Scotland it should’ve been yesterday on the day of the gig, but I didn’t have the time (or battery power) to do it yesterday.

Yesterday was a well deserved lie in whilst in the poshest hotel on the journey. It was also a late start as the clock on the TV was running an hour behind when the power was off and I thought it was obviously an hour later than it was.

We got lucky with yesterday’s weather and it was dry and sunny. The views from Stirling castle and surrounding areas were superb. The old city is just full of history and wandering the steep streets was filled with little treasures around most corners.

Getting back to the hotel around 3pm I had an hour to recharge and then a mad dash around Glasgow. Glasgow’s two Brewdogs were visited and stamps gratefully received and off to the gig via Tim Horton’s, a bad habit we picked up on many of our follies to Canada over the years.

Last night was my third gig in Glasgow and my first visit to the Cathouse. As with all clubs lately there seemed to be an extra curricular club night on afterwards and Greek thrashers Bio-Cancer were on stage by 7:30 and the Canadian veterans were off before 10pm.

The Cathouse was a decent venue and there were probably over 100 people in there. The floor area couldn’t have held too many more anyway. It seems like the band have kept this tour intimate. The Leeds venue was around 100 capacity and Manchester tonight will be similar if they shut off the back section.

This tour is a celebration of their 35 year career and the 80 minute set list was made up of material spanning much of that career. Material from Killing Technology and Dimension Hatröss were best received along with the opening track from the War and Pain album, the eponymous Voivod, and the oldest song in their set from 1984.

I’ve seen Voivod about half a dozen times over the years but they seem to be a band I keep missing. Then again they’re a band I have to be in the mood to listen to. I find it’s easier to put something relatively simple on at times rather than having to get into their weird tempo changes and all their other intricacies. I’ve listened to their new album The Wake quite a bit over the last few weeks, but it has only 14 days since it was released. I might not listen to it in full again for a number of years, that’s just the way I consume music in 2018.

I think the last time I saw the band was in 2015 during their participation on the Deathcrusher tour with Napalm Death, Carcass and Obituary.

In 2017 when they played closest to Stoke I already had another gig lined up in Manchester. During that tour I was also in Tilburg at the same time they played the Little Devil, but we were there to see Slayer. We had hoped that the Voivod show might have started after Slayer, but alas no. I did see the band walking around the bars near to our hotel from my bathroom window though! You can’t miss Away’s silver head of hair.

Rewinding even further back I missed their 2012 Manchester gig with Doom as I was watching Nickelback (a different Canadian band) at the Manchester Arena with my wife.


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