Ten Thousand Ways To Die

I’ve seen Obituary on some pretty big stages in front of some big crowds over the years, but the biggest have been within a festival surrounding. In a little over 24 hours from now I’ll be seeing them in what I understand is the third biggest arena in the UK and two nights later gracing the stage in the countries biggest.

Assuming the Arena Birmingham (or NIA to those of a certain vintage) is completely sold out and not partially closed off, like the 3Arena is Dublin was on Thursday, then the Floridian Rednecks could be playing to approximately sixteen thousand people.

With a four band line up and all the bands getting a fairly decent amount of time on stage, the thirty minutes afforded to the Tardy brothers (alongside Trevor Peres, Terry Butler and Kenny Andrews) will be the most pummelling half hour the arena has experienced in a long time, only to be surpassed a few hours later when Slayer take to a Birmingham stage for the last time.

I’m a bit undecided if the opening band should have been Obituary or not. As much as I like Obituary I’ve been listening to them since 1989 or 1990 and seen them develop as a band over the intervening years. Maybe that opening slot could’ve gone to a newer band who will be taking the torch from Araya and King once their retirement is confirmed.

I personally would have liked to have seen a band like Power Trip, Dust Bolt, Warbringer or Extinction A.D. opening up. Obituary deserve the opportunity to grace these huge indoor stages in Europe, so I’d have taken them along too and dropped Lamb of God off the bill.

A controversial thing I know, but personally I don’t really like the band (you can’t like every band out there), but from the reaction I saw in Dublin and feedback garnered from friends at the London and Cardiff shows alongside social media, Lamb of God will be headlining these venues in their own right in the very near future.

Ten Thousand Ways to Die is taken from last years eponymous album (even though it surfaced on an E.P. a year earlier) and the light hearted animated video is a follow up from the Violence video, which I posted in October 2015, so if you want to see the preceding video follow this link to YouTube , and watch the start of the new video closely and see how many legends from the Florida scene you can make out.


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