Following in from today’s earlier post and in a reversal of deliveries I had the blue vinyl version of Hexenhammer from Swiss band Burning Witches first and have had to stream this album until I get it onto my iPhone. I’ve never bothered to see what hexenhammer actually means and I’ve always associated it with a Metallica bootleg record from late 80’s.

When I stuck hexenhammer in the search bar it redirected me to Malleus Maleficarum, the Hammer of the Witches, apparently the most important writings regarding witchcraft, rather than referencing Pestilence’s 1988 debut album (who in one of those weird degree of separation type things announced a gig for Stoke in 2019!). Hammer of the Witches makes perfect sense and Hexenhammer makes the title more alluring.

I got into the band’s self titled debut album via a crowd funding campaign that they had going and I mainly picked up on it due to the involvement of Destruction’s frontman Schmeir and was pleasantly surprised with the self titled offering when it arrived. A few years after its release, and now I’m seemingly obsessed with hoarding vinyl records, I regret not getting that release on wax as if I want to add it now I’ve got to part with a small fortune for a copy.

Two years later and this surpasses that release. It’s more along the path of traditional heavy metal and power metal, but it does hint at some thrash tendencies at points. And possibly the unique selling point is it’s an all female band delivering a stunning slab of metal. I’m sure a fair amount of people pick it up for that reason rather than it being a very good record

Which ever sub genre of rock and metal you pick on it’s always been a very male dominated world, and probably will always be. From listening to Warlock in the very early days of my obsession with metal (Doro was the only lady to perform on the UK’s Monsters of Rock festival) via bands like Vixen, Phantom Blue, Ice Age, Meanstreak, Nightwish, Hellion, Walls of Jericho or Sister Sin I’ve always had an interest in the female led bands.

I read a few online comments about how girls can’t “rock”, well they maybe need to expand their horizons a bit. There is some stunning and very underrated bands out there if you look around.

I’ve not had chance to see the band live yet as they’ve not reached these shores, or if they have I completely missed it. Towards the end of January they play a single UK show supporting Grave Digger down in London. The Underworld has already posted a tentative running schedule and they’re on stage for 45 minutes and off before 9pm so I think I can make the 340 mile round trip and be home at a semi decent time and ready for work the next day.



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